How to Resist Corporate Deception and Greenwashing Hypocrisy

Corporate hypocrisy is a masterclass in deceit, where companies promote their so-called social responsibility, while their actions tell a completely different story. This chasm between sparkling company promises and grim reality erodes the trust of citizens and shatters the ethical foundations of our communities.

Take JBS, a meat processing giant that pledged to fight deforestation but was caught sourcing cattle from illegally deforested Amazon land. Or Cartier, a luxury brand that prides itself on ethical sourcing yet was found using conflict gold and advertising their products using indigenous Amazonian peoples they violently dispossessed. Then there’s IOI, a palm oil producer boasting about their “sustainability” while contributing to massive environmental destruction. Such brazen acts of deception ignite public outrage, often sparking more public discontent that the original acts of deception.

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