December 2022

Saturday, Sundays and Sour Grapes

From the moment it was announced that Jeff Saturday would serve as the interim coach of the Colts, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – in the media has been on his case.  “It’s a travesty.”  “It makes a mockery of the coaching profession.”  “It disrespects all the guys that have worked for decades to rise above and be considered for a head coaching job.”  Popycock.  What a bunch of whiners and complainers and sore losers.  I have two simple questions for you:

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Broken, Won’t Back Down

Doom’d humpback,
Mighty Moon
Lone traveller
British Columbia to Maui,
Pure grit!

Stuff brimming,
Wretch’d hurrying vessel
Smash’d her spine,
Five thousand
Agonising kilometres,
Three months
All strength!

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Suits, Ties and Tech Titans

It seemed to start with Steve Jobs. Jobs wore black turtlenecks when he was presenting new ideas to the Apple bureaucracy, as well as the general public. Many a medical expert has claimed that Mr. Jobs could have lived considerably longer, and possibly even enjoyed his billions for a few more years had he taken the right measures to address his cancer. But we’ve all failed in some respect, it is just that being a billionaire makes everyone examine your life with microscopes and make judgements. The world is full of Monday morning quarterbacks, yours truly included at least to some degree.

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