Protests of Puerile Pedantry 

In an April 22, 2024 article in The Wall Street Journal, Allysia Finley described the mentality of college students. If you give “safe spaces’ to college students, soon they will insist that entire groups have their own spaces, and then professors as well as speakers from outside the college be silenced because the students disapprove of what the professor or visitor is saying. The new intellectual elite are incapable of hearing anything that disagrees with their unquestionably correct ideology.  This permissive attitude toward students soon  leads to high grades without work,  and eventually college graduates who insist that they will only work thirty hours a week; for full-time pay, of course. As my law professor described, this is the “slippery slope” situation, where you indulge one behavior and many more follow, in tyrannical abuse of your original intent.

Inspired by the protests of young people of the 1960s, the college students of 2024 are looking for something to gripe about, and our modern, high-tech environment even offers “protest consultants” along with “fellow travelers”  a term used in bygone days to describe communists who influenced the domestic disturbances of the 1960s. In today’s world, in order to have a good protest, you need consultants, and there are always enemies of the United States among our population, who will take any opportunity to make the U.S. appear discordant, (as if their music needed any help with that!)

Students are insisting that the colleges they attend break off any association with Israel. Unimpressed with the students’ financial acumen, several universities have stated that such a break is not possible. The hyper-sensitive college students, convinced of their unquestionable virtue, have indulged in anti-Semitic behavior, apparently unaware of their racist nature of such actions. You see, the enlightened student protesters are incapable of racism, at least in their minds. Nonetheless, their anti-Semitic ululates will eventually echo in American history, along with the other racist howls directed at their fellow citizens, and they will have to eventually own up to them.

Perhaps I’m not enlightened, but I am fairly certain that if you disapprove of the associations of your educational institution, you have the right to leave. In fact, if you raise too much of a fuss in the higher academic institutions of Florida, not only will you be removed, you will be unable to attend such institutions for three years. Apparently that is why you don’t see many protests in Florida. But you see, the students are so much wiser than all of the rest of us, we have to change for them, because of their gifted intellectual abilities; or, perhaps, because the spoiled-rotten little stinkards are so accustomed to getting their way, they think their rancid decisions regarding policy are the way things are going to be, no matter what. After all, they’re accustomed to getting what they want, and they won’t go to class until they get it. It is about time they got what comes to students who don’t attend class and skip finals: they fail.

But they haven’t failed just academically, they have failed intellectually, by their inherent lack of understanding of just for whom they are protesting. They are defending a terrorist organization, which is financed by the state of Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States. They are bulwarking a terrorist organization that has no intention of following the rules of international conduct of war.

Jeffrey Neil Jackson

Jeffrey Neil Jackson is an
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