February 2023

Tesla Price Decreases: Exploring the Reasons Behind the Change

Price drops of as much as 20% have come to Tesla in a bid to undercut rivals in the increasingly crowded market. The aggressive pricing strategy is in the light of missed delivery targets for 2022.

Elon Musk had warned that the leading electric vehicle manufacturer may have to slash prices in order to maintain growth in an environment of higher interest rates and prospect of recession.

But what are the possible reasons behind the drastic price changes?

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Sellers Beware! Avoid the “Tech Only” Realtor


As the housing market begins to melt a bit, you may find yourself in the market to hire a real estate agent.  Beware!  There is a new predator slithering along the real estate industry’s jungle floor:  the tech realtor.

A growing pack of techie millennials have apparently decided that selling and buying real estate can and should be done almost entirely from their laptops!  Most have full time jobs as IT administrators and imagine that selling real estate should be just another side hustle, a part time gig, an easy way to make a few extra bucks.  

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Computer CEO Cretinous Conjecture

Internal combustion engines started way back in 1833. By 1860, functional internal combustion engines were being experimented with, and by 1872, the principles of intake, compression, combustion and exhaust were established. By 1903, the Wright brothers applied internal combustion engines in aircraft. By 1908, the U.S. Army ordered a “heavier than air flying machine” from the Wright brothers. 

We call them “early adopters,” the people who wish to get a jump on whatever the newest technology has to offer. In a curious coincidence, adolescents and the military both have a penchant to be on the cutting edge of technology; both for bragging rights, and one for killing people with meager abilities to resist the new weapons. If it is your military that has the technological edge, you will be all for it. But being on the leading edge doesn’t assure that you will prevail, just ask the bumpkins who lost billions betting on Bitcoin.

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Getting it Right

Another weekend of NFL football, another weekend filled with questionable officiating.  Another weekend of one team being convinced that they got screwed and another team accepting a win that they may know isn’t really theirs.  Another weekend of complete bullshit being spouted by Dean Blandino, the game’s Referee and the league office.  There is no need, nor is there enough time, to create a list of terrible calls and decisions recently made by those wearing the stripes.  We see and endure them almost every game and spend most of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday fixating on them.

Respected analysts like Mike Greenberg declare emphatically that “what is important is to get it right”.  That getting it right should be achieved at all costs, using whatever technology we have at our disposal to ensure that we do.  This widely accepted notion seems incontestable; a ‘conventional wisdom’ if you will.

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