June 2023

Reviewing the Janwold 4K Dash Cam: Capturing Clarity and Confidence


Imagine cruising down a scenic highway after a hard day at work, enjoying the beautiful landscapes (better with the Janwold 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear) and the thrill of the open road. For most of us, our most peaceful and therapeutic moments are spent driving. But this driving bliss is not always assured.

For example, a distracted driver may suddenly swerve into your lane, narrowly missing your car by mere inches.

Your heart races, adrenaline surges through your veins, and you realize just how fragile life on the road can be. In an unpredictable world, anything can happen. It’d be your word against theirs if something like a crash happened.

So, how do you protect yourself on the road by ensuring you have a solid alibi?

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Mechanization, Melancholia, and Material Insuetude

One of the best ways of shoving something nasty down another person’s throat is to explain “things have changed.” Well, of course they have changed. If you look closely out your window, the vegetation will grow, change color, even wilt and die, sometimes to re-emerge all over again. Then, of course, we have the people who are unhappy with the way things are, so they deliberately change things. Please understand, I am not suggesting that all changes are bad. It is just that from my personal experiences, change has, often as not, meant that something I liked was going away, and something I disliked was coming about. I won’t go over the nasty and bitter exchanges, because they’re in the past.

Young people like change; they are captivated and enchanted with all of the new technology that has deliberately sought to obtain and keep their attention for as long as possible. The result is at least one generation that isn’t as happy as past generations. Three things making young people unhappy, from Psychology Today, October 6, 2022: 

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