Fungal Fly Flings

Dead windowsill housefly,
Ghostly halo
Tiny white spores,
Death trap!
Insect invaded,
Brain co-opted
Highest perch possible,
Sporerific launching pad,
“Come one, come all,”
Delectable flies!

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Reviewing the Janwold 4K Dash Cam: Capturing Clarity and Confidence


Imagine cruising down a scenic highway after a hard day at work, enjoying the beautiful landscapes (better with the Janwold 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear) and the thrill of the open road. For most of us, our most peaceful and therapeutic moments are spent driving. But this driving bliss is not always assured.

For example, a distracted driver may suddenly swerve into your lane, narrowly missing your car by mere inches.

Your heart races, adrenaline surges through your veins, and you realize just how fragile life on the road can be. In an unpredictable world, anything can happen. It’d be your word against theirs if something like a crash happened.

So, how do you protect yourself on the road by ensuring you have a solid alibi?

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Gasping Combusted World


Cyanobacteria three point five billion years,
Oversufficiency oxygenated ozone shield,
Great forests four hundred million years,
Ocean plush green mats bacteria,
Gratitude Mother earthly oxygen orb!

Littlest photosynthetic organism,
Teeny bacteria largest oxygen surface,
Prochlorococcus planetary oxygen twenty
per cent exhaler,
More than Amazon, Congo, Indo/Malayan
rainforests combined,
Indebtedness beloved Mother Earth!

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Trump Tweaks Needed

Today, people could assume that differences in politics, race, or age might make it impossible to co-exist. Not co-exist in the literal sense, but co-exist by functioning together in society or communicating effectively. Politics and culture are at a flash point. The presidential election that is drawing near has people feeling like they can only choose one of two camps.

Echoing and coming to agreement recently with Deacon Bryant Crowder, I have conceded we must move beyond politics this year. Partisan bomb throwing must end. I have spent the greater half of the last 15 years (and more) disagreeing with Deacon Crowder on politics. Keep Reading

Make America Great for All

When I first heard the expression Make America Great Again, I thought it was awesome. It was great from a marketing perspective, but also a message that I felt would be a rallying cry for our nation to be all that it could be. Never in my wildest dreams did I fathom that it would be used to utterly divide our country, and ignite the fires of bigotry, racism, and pure hatred, and arguably, the most powerful man in the world would be the one fanning the flames…that is truly scary. Keep Reading