‘Cruel’ Charles ‘Heartless’ Hurwitz*

Red Gold Fever
Consequences be damn’d,
Soulless Charles Hurwitz
Rough sawn raider,
Drexel Burnham Lambert junk bonds
Hostile Maxxam Corp brute,
Easy pickens Ma/Pa Pacific Lumber,
Pension fund shell-gamer.
Evilest planetary miller!

Crafty conman,
Otherworldly obliterator,
Monarch murderer,
Outrageous overlord,
Gold goader.
Evergreen Earth First!ers,
Gratitude grand guardians!

Disgraced redwood ruiner,
Headwaters hostage-taker,
Eight times Fortune 500 lister,
Shiv’d bond holders
$715M ‘clear-cut’ bankruptcy,
Gate Two cuffed
Learjet’d scot-free.
Anxious octogenarian,
Grim Reaper nigh,
“Don’t pay the ferryman,”
Charles ‘Sly’ Hurwitz,
You ain’t
Crossin’ The River Styx!
*The Ghost Forest

© 2023 Reese Halter
Agitate. Disrupt. Defend.

Reese Halter

Reese Halter is a bees/trees/seas defender.
Unearthly Wails is a special edition, a collection of poetry
illustrated by renowned Ojibwa artist Terry McCue.
Email: HalterBooks@gmail.com to order

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