Reese Halter

Kith Kindness

Sea of Siracusa
Dolphin signall’d distress,
Carers Rossana/Enzo Maiorca
Traced twelve metres,
Gash’d fishery net,
Trapped kith freed!

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Congolese Cowboy Carnage

Critically endanger’d,
Marvellous masterpieces
Mother’s unnegotiables,
Sharks, rays!

Ocean fish keepers:
Long lifers
Slow low reproducers
Population regulators
Fitness instructors
Disease strong-armers,
Untouchable medicos!

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Fantabulous Forest Fungi

‘O mighty mushrooms,
Forest colonisers,
Temperature regulators,
Marvellous Ones!

Airborne spore tons
Cloud seeders,
Righteous rain-makers
Water table lifters,
Rainforest rejoicers!

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Age of Agony

Climate Chaos,
Hotter, longer, unlivable,
Four synchronised heat domes:
Northwestern China
{52.2C Xinjiang},
North Africa
{50C Northern Algeria},
North Atlantic Ocean
{5C marine heatwave},
Southwestern U.S.
{36C Phoenix nighttime low}, 
Fossil-fuelled HEAT!

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