Reese Halter

Reykjavík Murdering Pregnant Fin Whales, Again

SAN FRANCISCO, June 11 – Iceland’s government issued a licence to the North Atlantic nation’s last whaling company, Hvalur hf, to brutally slay 128 fin whales.

It’s long overdue for the notorious whaler, Kristján Loftsson, to cease and desist massacring Mother Earth’s great whales, the oxygen replenishers.

Did you know that the oceans provide planetary life with three out of every four breaths of oxygen? Combustion heat (fossil fuels, wood pellets, palm oil) is adding the equivalent of 15.95 Hiroshimas every second of the year (31,536,000 A-bomb detonations) into the oceans, and it’s accelerating. Consequently, 40% of the oxygen-producing phytoplankton and cyanobacteria (Prochlorococcus) are missing from heat-disrupted nutrient deficiencies.

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Now We Know

Imagine that planet Earth is a corporation with many indispensable branches called Earth Inc. After completing a pro forma balance sheet for the Earth Inc, I mulled over what might be said to a group of investors who were contemplating acquiring that entity.

It was very clear that Earth Inc was in a downward spiral and that a substantial portion of the annual operating profit was now being derived by liquidating assets that were essential for its continued operations. To correct the existing problems, and make the entity viable, it would realistically take decades and require injecting hundreds of trillions of dollars.

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British Columbia’s Canine Bloodbath

So far this year, British Columbia has slaughtered 248 wolves bringing the nine-year running total to 8084 gruesome canine deaths. The provincial government has committed to razing its old-growth native forests and subsidising five liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipelines as well as two LNG outake ports.

Sorrowfully, the wolves are but a mere encumbrance to British Columbia’s planet-destroying wood pellet and fossil fuel commerce. So, in order for Big Forestry, Big Fracking Gas and Big Coal to hasten the Sixth Mass Extinction and cook the planet alive, the wolves are being exterminated by bounty hunters with military-grade sniper rifles on snowmobiles and helicopters, and by torturous steel-jawed leg-hold traps. It’s a grotesque excruciating bloodbath. In their infinite wisdom, three British Columbian premiers: Christy Clark, John Horgan, David Eby, respectively, doled out $10M (and counting) to sociopathic wolf hunters.

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Deadly Palm Oil

Forestry’s highway to hell is simplifying self-organising networks of cooperative biological communities to extinction. Hideous monoculture palm oil plantations are plaguing the planet. It’s a $71bn per annum sickening industry that’s fraught with corruption and escalating destruction. Deadly palm oil plantations are ruining our best defence against climate Armageddon, tropical rainforests.

Palm oil makes up one-third of all the biofuels burned annually. It emits 4X more planet-searing gases per unit than diesel fuel.

So, what can YOU do about it? LOTS!
Refuse to purchase products.

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Atlantic Rainforest #SOS

South America’s other species-rich tropical assemblage, the Atlantic Rainforest, is in dire shape.

This priceless hotbed of life has mostly been razed, four out of every five trees are gone.

Five hundred years ago, this coastal and inland masterpiece was almost two times the area of New South Wales. The brunt of this remaining biome exists in Brazil (92%) with two slivers shared by Paraguay (6%) and Argentina (2%).

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Scorched Earth Clock

Hey Sleepwalkers
COP28 furnace goers!
Fossil fuel HEAT
Wreck’d Mother’s clock,
Seasonal untimedness,
Plants rousing
Four times faster,
Insect pollinators sleeping in.

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Fungal Fly Flings

Dead windowsill housefly,
Ghostly halo
Tiny white spores,
Death trap!
Insect invaded,
Brain co-opted
Highest perch possible,
Sporerific launching pad,
“Come one, come all,”
Delectable flies!

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Kith Kindness

Sea of Siracusa
Dolphin signall’d distress,
Carers Rossana/Enzo Maiorca
Traced twelve metres,
Gash’d fishery net,
Trapped kith freed!

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Congolese Cowboy Carnage

Critically endanger’d,
Marvellous masterpieces
Mother’s unnegotiables,
Sharks, rays!

Ocean fish keepers:
Long lifers
Slow low reproducers
Population regulators
Fitness instructors
Disease strong-armers,
Untouchable medicos!

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