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In order that my readers do not think I am some conspiracy theorist, I like to cite reliable sources.  From Statista, as of April 26, 2023, COVID-19 killed 1,130,662 in the United States. I mean, mistakes happen, right? Many of those listed as succumbing to the virus had refused to be vaccinated, and subsequently were infected and died. Many of the “Anti-Vaxers” who became infected and perished were rather famous in denying the effectiveness of the vaccine; they were dead wrong, and life goes on without them. As much as I hate to say it, I feel little sympathy for the “conspiracy theorists” who perished; they were wrong, and now they are dead wrong.

According to Boston University National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratories, January 17, 2021: “The coronavirus that conquered the world came from a thumb-sized bat tucked inside a remote Chinese cave. Of this much, scientists are convinced. Exactly how and when it fled the bat to begin its devastating flight across the globe remain open questions.”

As it turns out, (September 9, 2023) the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the Biden Administration’s attack on social media, and it was, at least at first glance, a violation of the treasured First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. From NPR: “The panel of judges, all GOP nominees, say that the administration’s efforts to flag what it considered to be false and harmful content about COVID, the 2020 election and other topics that violated the social media companies’ policies likely amount to a violation of the First Amendment. The court found that Biden Administration officials coerced and threatened the social media companies to take down content.” Coerced and threatened… That doesn’t sound good. Do the federal officials believe that only they speak the truth, and their truth is the only actuality that the U.S. people should know?

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In The Wall Street Journal of August 3, 2023, an article by Eric Schmitt (U.S. Senator from Missouri) “Several federal agencies-including the Energy Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation-now agree that the lab-leak theory is the most likely one regarding the origin of the Covid-19 virus.”  In order to defend the rights of people, there is now a bill in Congress, the Censorship Accountability Act which will “empower individuals to seek justice if the federal government tramples on their right to express their views.” Senator Schmitt believes that the Censorship Accountability Act would “bring accountability to the federal executive branch employees.” Accountability for federal officials seems like a good thing for the land of the free and the home of the brave; what is more amazing is that it took a crisis of COVID for our legislature to take measures to protect the First Amendment rights of our citizens.

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