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Too Old For Office – Are Age Limits Appropriate?

*How about some age limits?  I know, I know; you can’t do that – discrimination; ageism; our seniors are our greatest treasure. OK. And as someone that has of late been the recipient of impudent young whippersnapper’s thoughtless comments and assumptions about my age and its affect on my ability to do this or that, I can tell you that being judged based on your appearance sucks; I can only image what my darker-skinned brothers and sisters have had to deal with their entire lives while living in this racist country.

But seriously, how about some age limits?

Donald Trump
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The president is seventy-two and is apparently going to run for reelection, which would make him seventy-eight if could finish a second term without blowing up the world. He could make it, or he could drop dead any day now. More to the point, he has less of an idea about what it is like to live in this country in this century than the ETs floating around above us.

Rounds of golf and hookers costing thousands of dollars each are not within the realm of the average American, yet he takes these things for granted. His antiquated ignorant perspective on people less white than he and the resulting utter lack of connection with people of color is typified in the mess he has created by sticking his nose in the NFL’s anthem controversy – a place his nose has no business being.

Calling fully grown men that have worked hard enough and sacrificed long enough to be able to play in the National Football League ‘sons of bitches’, demanding punitive responses to peaceful protests and criticizing and bullying the people running the league into knee-jerking out dumb rules reveal his aged mindset.

These proud men hold some things more dear than money and power and women and privates jets and tanning beds: their dignity.

Incapable of seeing things through eyes other than his own jaundiced peepers, he cannot comprehend that these proud men hold some things more dear than money and power and women and privates jets and tanning beds: their dignity.

He cannot see it because he has none, now only able to call upon ridicule, lies and something as ridiculous as twitter to govern instead of positivity, true information or compassion.

When Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, a flitter of excitement filled the news channels as the polithead’s cries of, “Roe v. Wade is dead” saturated the air. A lot of old tired white guys preening as if they’d just overcome a lifetime of suppression. A clutch of overweight gray-haired red-necked once-virile men that clearly no longer have a personal concern about getting anyone pregnant.

Justice Anthony Kennedy - Age Limits
Justice Anthony Kennedy

How many generations removed from the real-time real-life issue do these guys need to be before they are required to butt out? Term limits might be even better than age limits for member of Congress! Get these lifers out and let some officials represent the people that represent the people!

The award for the Crustiest Old Fart of All goes to the DOJ’s Imp of Darkness, Jeff Sessions.

At seventy-one this guy looks and acts like the career high school vice-principal, who in the twilight of his career finally gets his shot at Principal, and is bound and determined to implement every restriction, guideline, rule, consequence, punishment and get-even technique he has ever come up with while he has the chance.

He’s just mean. He’s too damn old and it shows. His eagerness to commit child abuse upon thousands of kids and the cojones grande required to try to justify it with a bible verse nudge him toward comparisons to figures like Idi Amin, Pinochet and Saddam Hussein. At some point he passed grandfatherly-type affection & understanding and arrived in screw ’em – what do I care?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The cries to impeach the president will apparently go un-heeded at least until the midterm election, after which the Dems may have enough votes to allow for the possibility that impeachment might result in more than a spectacle. Focusing on getting rid of Sessions right now instead might be better for America.

A two-term limit for Senators and Congresspeople; mandatory retirement for all three branches at seventy years old.

These are not novel ideas, they’ve been brought up before. The trouble is that the people that might implement them (the elected officials) won’t implement them because it isn’t in their best interest. But we can get it on the ballot and we can make it happen. Then maybe we can have leaders that actually live in America, take their kids to school in America, and don’t put their needs and agendas above America.



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