Surely, It’s Personal For All Of Us

LONDON – A recent British study, which included ten thousand Gen Zs (under 26s) from ten countries, revealed they are anxious and that governments have betrayed them.

Moreover, they are “incredibly worried” about the climate catastrophe. Fifty-six hundred of the ten thousand respondents concluded that humanity is doomed.

One 16-year-old wrote: “For us [young people] the destruction of the planet is personal.”

It’s personal for all of us, surely?

Turning despair into action is the antidote for the Gen Zs and the gray heads, too.

Join the old-growth blockades at Fairy Creek, British Columbia, Canada, or in the Tarkine/takayna, Tasmania, Australia, and cause change. 

Climate Anxiety
Gen Zs at Fairy Creek blockade protecting the old-growth rainforest from Teal Jones loggers. Credit: Ken Dawson

The Gen Zs are making history with non-violent civil disobedience, which is halting the destruction of the planet’s greatest climate stabiliser, old-growth rainforests.

Try as they may, governments will not be able to stop the Gen Zs from agitating, disrupting and defending Mother Earth!

The animal kingdom is in dire shape. Ninety-six percent of all mammals are now livestock or humans. Just four percent are wild animals. Farmed caged birds comprise 70% of all birds in the world. Scandalous.

Since the rise of human civilisation, 83% of the wild animals and 80% of the marine mammals have been brutally killed by people. This abhorrent extermination of the animal kingdom must end because without them, there is no us.

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This week the world witnessed psychopathic Danes from the Faroe Islands savagely, hack, stab, slice, slit throats and slay our brethren and sistren, a super-pod of 1428 Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

In four decades of covering animal bloodbaths this was easily the most brutal, cruel and vile ambush of sentient and sapient mammals that I’ve ever seen.

The cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) are shepherds of the sea. Their flocculent fecal plumes are rich in iron and nitrogen. It is helping to regrow the ocean’s missing phytoplankton, which fossil fuels, wood pellets and palm oil combustion have razed.

About 15 years ago, the Faroe Island chief medical officer warned that the cetaceans were loaded with PCBs and DDT and unsafe for human consumption.

The Faroese have blatantly disregarded that scientific warning. Instead, in the midst of the accelerating man-driven Sixth Mass Extinction, they have continued to murder more cetaceans. Unacceptable.

Credit: Emirsimsek  

His Holiness, John Paul II, was a Saint to Animals and declared that animals “possess a soul and men must love and feel solidarity with our smaller [and larger] brethren.”

Pope Francis also loves all God’s creatures and so it is time for him to step in and protect the cetaceans from the barbaric unhinged Danes.

Until the Danes cease this godawful massacre of the cetaceans, once and for all, it’s up to each of us to punish Copenhagen.

  • Refuse to purchase any Danish goods or services.
  • Refuse to visit Denmark.
  • Refuse to patronise the upcoming James Bond No Time To Die because it was shot on the Faroe Islands.

If we take their money away, they will change.

I encourage the Gen Zs to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society because they are actively opposing the violent and evil destruction of cetaceans.

Climate Anxiety

Allow me to remind you about the grit that saved the world eighty years ago from the Third Riech. Early on in World War II, the British Intelligence Corps were concerned because the Nazi were advancing and the morale of the English troops was declining. The Corps coined a saying, Illegitimis non carborundum, which translates into “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” It boosted the troops’ spirits. 

Today, it’s an uplifting motto for the Gen Zs.

In order to force governments to embrace a zero-combustion economy by 2030, we need two billion Gen Zs fired-up and driving a disobedient uprising to protect life on Earth. The animals and Mother Earth are counting on them.

Agitate. Disrupt. Defend.


Reese Halter

Reese Halter is a forest/ocean defender.
His latest book is GenZ Emergency.
Email: for your autographed copy.
In Australia, order from the Bob Brown Foundation by emailing:


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