Election Interference – The Next Intelligence Failure

DAYTON — Special investigator Robert Mueller secured indictments for three Russian companies and thirteen Russian citizens with “a widespread effort to interfere with the  2016 presidential election,” according to Saturday’s Wall Street Journal.  The Russians had a “strategic goal to sow discord into the U.S. political system.”

Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, said that there is no allegation in the indictment that any U.S. citizen knowingly participated in the alleged crimes. That’s one of those statements that I would repeat, because a lot of readers will not believe it the first time they read it, and they will tune into or read some media that will falsely report that the Trump administration officials are next in line to be indicted.

Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn

Nowhere does it say the Trump administration  is still under investigation, although Michael Flynn, former national security advisor, has pleaded guilty, and “there was no indication Friday that Mr. Mueller wouldn’t seek more charges in the future.”

A Russian company called the Internet Research Agency “employed hundreds of people who created fictitious online personas and set up hundreds of social media accounts-on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram-that pushed divisive messages or helped organize rallies,” the special prosecutor said.

For the record, I am not on any of those social media websites.  However, I think that one website that I watch either had someone who was a Russian pretending to be an American Russophile, or that person was totally insane, take your pick.  I would describe insanity as the denial of long-accepted, verified academic facts as nothing but negative propaganda. Come to think of it, it all seemed like propaganda at the time. You know propaganda, the outright denial of proven facts, and the challenging of the credibility of people who report the facts.

I especially enjoy propaganda when it resorts to challenging the people who report the facts, calling them Nazis and implicating them in international conspiracies which have no basis of credibility, but then propaganda has never had credibility.

Speaking of credibility, let’s look at that;  

9/11 was an incredible intelligence failure. This disruption of the 2016 presidential election seems to be yet another one.

While I understand that they have a lot to do, with all of the cyber-attacks that they face, was this another attack that they (the officials sworn to protect us) failed to notice, and if so, how can they claim they are protecting us if they can only start investigations after the fact? The damage, if any, has already been done, and there are other names, like Bernie Sanders, that are being bandied about as people that the Russians enlisted for help in disrupting the 2016 election.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Here’s where some more undocumented guilt remains: the American social media firms that were too busy counting their money and thinking of new ways to market themselves than to concern themselves with disrupting  American democracy.

Apparently, the “global economy” ideology is so pervasive that allowing a company to come in, use your resources (for which I am sure that they paid) to disrupt an American institution is just another part of this “global economy” that we live in, to the managers of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I’m sure that this indictment troubles the Democrats, because no one in the Trump administration has been charged, thus putting impeachment further away. It doesn’t really matter  to the Democrats that the Russians want to disrupt American democracy as much as impeaching Trump would mean; after all, they have their priorities.

Bill Clinton & Andrew Johnson
Bill Clinton & Andrew Johnson

I have no doubt that Bill Clinton would like for at least one other president to be impeached in his lifetime, as he and Andrew Johnson remain the only two presidents that have been impeached, and yes, read your history, Bill Clinton was impeached, like it or not, he just was not removed. None of the Democrat senators voted to remove Clinton from office.

This latest foray into international cyber-attacks occurred during the Obama administration. From the looks of things, none of the accused will ever step foot on American soil, and anyone who thinks that Russia will willingly surrender them or allow them to be extradited is a pipe dream. If you believe that any of the conspirators will make it into an American court, I have a bridge in New York that I want to sell you for a great price.

While Vladimir Putin might be far away enough from the conspirators that he cannot be indicted, there is little doubt that he, or one of his charges, was involved in this conspiracy. That’s the great thing about cyber-attacks; they can trace international dealings with our election systems, but they can’t seem to find evidence that the Secretary of State Clinton endangered national security on an unsecured device.

This is another reason to question the credibility of those sworn to protect us. As more and more cyber-attacks occur, if all of this is just politics, then the credibility of those whom we trust to protect us will diminish even further.

This selective ineptitude is draining our trust, byte by byte.

We discovered an international attack not because someone wanted to protect us, but because of political motivation to attack the sitting president. If they have no motivation to serve and protect us, the people, they have no business in the positions that they hold. This is more evidence to clean up the swamp.

Carry on, Mr. Trump.

Jeffrey Neil Jackson

Jeffrey Neil Jackson is an
Educator & Literary Mercenary

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