Fantabulous Forest Fungi

‘O mighty mushrooms,
Forest colonisers,
Temperature regulators,
Marvellous Ones!

Airborne spore tons
Cloud seeders,
Righteous rain-makers
Water table lifters,
Rainforest rejoicers!

All hail Oyster ‘shrooms,
Petroleum cleaner-uppers,
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
Cancer breaker-downers,
Pollution expungers,
Toadstool treasurables!

Microscopic mycorrhizas
Woodwide webbers,
Tree telecomers,
Jacob’s joiners,
Animal agronomers,
Colossal carbon capturers,
Mother’s masterpiecers!

© 2023 Reese Halter
Refuse. Reduce. Repurpose

Reese Halter

Reese Halter is a bees/trees/seas defender.
Unearthly Wails is a special edition, a collection of poetry
illustrated by renowned Ojibwa artist Terry McCue.
Email: to order

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