President Trump: Excessive Examination and the Expected Exoneration

*On Tuesday, February 4, 2020 The Senate of the United States announced the acquittal of President Donald J. Trump.  Only the third president in history to be impeached, and just as the other two, (William Clinton and Andrew Johnson) he was not removed by the Senate. Richard Nixon would have been removed, but he resigned before that could have happened.

First, it was the Russian Investigation that was going to provide all of the charges to get Trump impeached. Instead, it simply drew attention to a Justice department that was taking the side of the Democrats, and F.B.I. managers who were willing to disregard the law in the interests of Democrats. The law was being ignored and testimony was doctored, with evidence (or lack of evidence) that was tilted towards a $24 million investigation that yielded very little. The FISA requirements for any investigations in the future will require far more stringent evidence and justification.

After the Russia investigation failed there was another round of accusations of corruption, with closed Congressional hearings that could not survive the light of day, hence, closed. Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed herself to be bullied (as she implied) into an investigation that had the foregone conclusion that President Trump was to be impeached, upon evidence that would in no way conform to the requirements for removal from office.

Nonetheless, in an almost straight party-line vote, President Trump was impeached. Just so you know, impeached does not mean removal from office, only the Senate can remove the president. Anyone wondering why Mr. Trump is still in office after being impeached does not understand how our government works.

Congressman Devin Nunes
Congressman Devin Nunes

Representative Devin Nunes, the ranking congressional Republican, described the Democrats thusly: “the Democrats staged six weeks of secret depositions in the basement of the capital like some kind of strange cult.” While there are certainly things the government should do in private, in the eyes of many government officials, how the Democrats staged the depositions was not something that should have been shrouded in secrecy.

But secrecy was the only way that the Democrats in Congress could move ahead. Had the depositions been public, the holes and weaknesses in the testimony would have been obvious. Behavior by elected officials to secretly meet to ruin their opponents reminds one of Stalin’s secret committees that eliminated anyone who opposed them, no matter how much the citizens approved of the targeted politicians.

The impeachment was a drastic measure initiated by desperate people.”

The urgency of national security of the matter was stressed, but then, when waiting for more amenable rules from the Senate, the impeachment documents were delayed for some time before given to them. Apparently, the national security claim was just more drivel. It was quite a solemn ceremony (one never before displayed to my knowledge) when the impeachment documents were handed over to the Senate.  The solemnity was a farce; the Democrats were overjoyed to pass the impeachment documents along. To the Democrats, the impeachment document ceremony was like one of the convictions at Nuremberg, reflecting their ignorance of both history and government.

The Senate (under the tutelage of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts) dutifully reviewed the charges and came to a conclusion. Again, in almost a straight party-line vote, President Trump will not be removed from office.  The impeachment was a drastic measure initiated by desperate people. People who represent the citizens of the United States, although “united” might not be the best way to describe our republic.  It is not surprising that many Democrats are declaring President Trump a “danger to our democracy” especially when their party is disintegrating into socialists pandering to young people who have been brainwashed into believing that socialism is the answer to our problems.

Instead of representing their constituents, the Democrats in our federal government are representing their political party, wasting time and taxpayer money. Worse, the Democrats are disguising personal vendettas as “government investigations” while spending millions of taxpayer dollars and ignoring their obligation to create legislation and address issues for their constituents. Certain members encourage illegal behavior by states and municipalities who somehow believe that they have no obligation to obey federal statutes. Just because they are a federal official does not empower a congressional representative to encourage the violation of federal statutes, or violate the rights of other federal officials.

As much as the impeachment seems to be an accomplishment to the Democrats, it was a futile effort and a waste of time, not to mention money. Not only the issues aforementioned, but it has set a dangerous precedent which will likely have repercussions. The Democrats who impeached President Trump may see consequences of which they could not imagine, not the least of which being a plank in a platform for the next presidential election; a plank Mr. Trump will likely use to beat the Democrats over the head, whoever they eventually nominate.

The impeachment will be another feather in Mr. Trump’s cap on the campaign trail, much to the dismay of the Democrats. But they should have known the danger when they started the impeachment proceedings. Any party willing to resort to such desperate measures, especially upon meager evidence, is illustrative of a party whose responsibility is not to their constituents; rather to their own power, willing to take any measure (legal or otherwise) to defeat their opposition.  More and more, what the Democrats cannot accomplish via democracy, they resort to any means available, and that is the genuine danger to this republic, and to our democracy.

Jeffrey Neil Jackson

Jeffrey Neil Jackson is an
Educator & Literary Mercenary

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