The “Squad’s” Squalid Statements

*Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is offering a lot of people hope. Hope for a new beginning, hope for a new life, hope for peace and prosperity. The U.S. government is supposed to wave its magic wand and grant all of those things to people from other nations who are innocent and only want the aforementioned. The pursuit of these goals is being vociferously advocated by citizens calling themselves “global citizens” a group of Americans who do not understand citizenship.

Did I mention that they themselves are hoping for a great deal number of people who will vote for them?

Citizenship is not a right conferred when one sets foot on U.S. soil, (there are exceptions, but not many) nor is citizenship a human right, whether it be in the United States, Europe, or anywhere else on earth. Health care for immigrants is not a responsibility of the government of the United States. The people of the U.S. do not owe immigrants treated poorly by their native countries an alternative, with the exception of immigrants who have risked life and limb to help the U.S. government, and thus people of the United States.

the squad
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The Congress of the United States does not concoct or execute policy, though it does allocate the finances, passes the legal framework of policy and has oversight of the execution of policies. Most importantly, the U.S. Congress does not represent nor is it the legal advocate for immigrants, (though they certainly has the right to do so in their spare time) and only after the members of Congress have addressed their responsibilities as the representatives of their districts should they engage in advocacy for immigrants. They weren’t elected by immigrants, they were elected by constituents, i.e., citizens.  Should members of Congress decide to resign from office and advocate for immigrants, that would be ideal.

The first responsibility of any U.S. representative is to their constituents; and should they consider themselves a “citizen of the world” I suggest they renounce their U.S. citizenship and sign up for world citizenship, wherever you sign up for such citizenship.

Congress has the right to criticize the execution of the laws. Congress has the purse strings for the financing of policy, but if Congress does not allocate the money for the execution of policies, they should pipe down. Every job is easy to the person who doesn’t have to do it themselves. If they were truly interested in helping these people they would be taking them into their own homes, feeding them and paying their medical bills; but they believe in what has been ingrained into their consciousness since they could ask for a candy bar, and that is that the government has the wealth to provide everything for everyone.

The provisions made by the U.S. government for immigrants now exceed $16 billion annually, with no end in sight.

the squad

The average U.S. citizen does not need their taxes increased to pay for food, housing and healthcare for citizens of other countries, with the possible exception for those who have been accepted by the U.S. government, and even then only on a temporary basis; this is the United States of America, not the United States of Welfare. The average U.S. citizen does not need to catch a Third-World disease from an unscreened immigrant who was simply allowed to wander wherever they like. The average U.S. citizen does not need to become a crime victim of an unscreened immigrant who came to the U.S. because there is more to steal and more people from whom to steal it. (I’m not saying they are all criminals, but without screening, how do we know?) The average U.S. citizen does not need to see their wages fall because of illegal immigrants who will work for less than half of the minimum wage.

The average U.S. citizen does not need their taxes increased because their school district needs to hire teachers who can speak the foreign language of the illegal immigrants to educate their children. The average U.S. citizen does not need their taxes increased because the already badly-worn infrastructure of the U.S. is being worn out even more by the increased traffic of an expanding population.

The population previously mentioned has entered the U.S. via criminal means; under the mendacious guise of “human rights” which invokes sympathy and demands universal unquestioned acceptance. In this case “human rights” are another illegal attempt to shove more burden on the U.S. taxpayer and expand the base of the Democrats; did I mention it also expands the bootlickers of the Democrat Party? The unquestioned acceptance of the illegals is more shenanigans to get the government to pay for the Democrat Party trawling for more members. To “the squad” the government pays for everything, even recruiting new followers.

I do not doubt the intentions of those who wish to live in the land of the free, but I doubt the intentions of AOC and her cohorts.”

The countries of origin of the illegal immigrants, in some cases, encourage their departure, which should raise questions in anyone’s mind. The right to alter or abolish an oppressive government does not end at the borders of the United States. The rich and the powerful did not lead the revolution in France in 1789; the poor wanted liberty, equality and fraternity, much as the immigrants coming to the United States. The representatives in the U.S. Congress question the Trump Administration, while dismissing the native governments of the immigrants of any responsibility as well as the governments involved in their migration. The ease and simplicity of Congress’s disparagement of the present reflects a fundamental error, that being the states of origin and their lack of freedom, equality and opportunity. The immigrants come from failed states, and Congress puts little effort into encouraging those states to improve the lives of their citizens. While I do not wish to simplify a complex problem, the U.S. is not the solution to the population of every failed state, be it in the Western Hemisphere or elsewhere.

the squad

The U.S. Congress puts the blame singularly on the Trump Administration, an oversimplification that implies an inherent ignorance of the problem, as well as the obvious self-interest of politicians who court potential followers with gifts gleaned from the U.S. taxpayers. The government of the United States, as well as the people of the United States, does not bear an obligation fomented by failed states, and the failure of the populations of those states to take steps toward freedom and its subsequent prosperity.

The freedom of the United States came from, and remains in place not by pronouncements of charity, but by struggles and conflict. Those who wish to share the hard-earned freedom who have never made any efforts to earn or maintain that freedom are offering it with the only requirement of breathing, though, in the long run, it is obvious that they are seeking votes with which to maintain their power and position. To quote Thomas Paine: “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem to lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.” We are not abusing the tired and the poor, nor the wretched refuse of failed governments, we are asking them to comply with the law. AOC and her cohorts are advocating ignoring the law, essentially conspiring in a plot to violate federal law.

If the U.S. Congress disagrees with present immigrant policy, let them change the law via the proper channels and appropriate the money. AOC and her cohorts are courting potential voters, already making promises they can’t keep while making no effort to realize those promises other than protesting the application of existing law. While advocating the disregard of existing law, as well as our Constitution, AOC and her ilk illustrate their ignorance, while their self-righteous pronouncements only reveal what illegal lengths they would go to in order to further their agenda.

the squad

If the illegal immigrants pose a danger to the citizens of the U.S., it is their advocates in the U.S. government who pose an even greater danger to this republic, with their contempt for laws with which they disagree. Being a member of the U.S. Congress means respecting the existing laws, not advocating the ignoring of those laws in order to gain more power. AOC and her cohorts believe that their principles are more important than existing law; insisting that their values represent what the United States should do, while ignoring the processes of existing legislation, and anyone who understands what they are doing should be fearful of the republic they wish to create, not by law but by rhetoric and advocacy, and with the cost of our present republic. We are a nation of laws. Ignoring those laws denies the rights of the citizens who made them, and the citizens who follow them.

Jeffrey Neil Jackson

Jeffrey Neil Jackson is an
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America’s Prison Population America’s Prison Population America’s Prison Population America’s Prison Population

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