Trump Derangement Syndrome is real

Trump Derangement Syndrome & COVID-19

*As someone with a well known reputation as being an avid Trump supporter in my building, and in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I have come under attack with some frequency from Trump haters, and the tone has been more civil than it might otherwise be, given my also known reputation to speak from the diaphragm with lots and lots of facts, and my absolute willingness to get mean if treated meanly.

Indeed, I am happy to reveal a razor sharp tongue to those who seek to shout me down with that nasty brand of viciousness so common among those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), and I win every damn time.  I also was physically attacked by one man in the neighborhood, once, and he went from a hospital bed straight to a jail cell.  He now steers very clear of me here in the ‘hood.  Seriously, I am not to be touched, at all, ever.  There are some who know of this altercation, word spread a bit, and deference ensued among insiders.

As we face this COVID 19 infectious disease, however, the tone has changed for those who have chosen to attack more vehemently.  I have been lashed out at a handful of times.  Words like “this is going to do him in, mister, and only fools still support him” and “I hate this president, and any sane person would too” have been hurled in my direction, uttered very loudly.

One guy, who was on the opposite side of 94th Street, unseen, as I was heading to my bank on Broadway, yelled at the top of his lungs “how about that Trump now”.

My answer, yelled just as loudly, and instantly, was “Trump rocks”. The scream back was “Trump sucks, he aint doin’ shit, and that’s why we’re all gonna die”.  “That is plain damn asinine bub, go the hell home, asinine!”.  I walked along in my trademark hard Manhattan walk, and thought to myself how sad and ridiculous it is that such idiotic people exist.  I also enjoyed a chuckle at his folly, how could I not?

It’s as if these people now think that they finally, oh, finally, have something on this president that can resonate with the general population.  They take a deadly virus and use it as a political battering ram, and feel smug satisfaction in doing so.  It is vile, it is despicable, and it is very clearly so.  Hell, TDS is a more virulent disease than the damn Wuhan Virus is.

While TDS is not physically deadly, it is intellectually damning, and it affects a whole hell of a lot more people than this virus out of that Wuhan Province does.”

While TDS is not physically deadly, it is intellectually damning, and it affects a whole hell of a lot more people than this virus out of that Wuhan Province does.

Worse still, these idiots don’t even know that they have it.

Yes, they are idiots.  Sorry, they just simply are.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real

As many of us know, the Swine Flu (H1N1 – no, Biden, not N1H1) went completely ignored during the Obama/Biden tenure for six full months.  Not a damn thing was done, nothing. Flights in and out, all day long, for those months on end, and 1,000 people dead.  By the time any action was taken it was well under way and we lost 17,000 Americans to that one.

Americans died, damn, 17,000 of them, 17,000 dead. 

The same people who scream “Trump!” now, said nothing at all, nothing, then, about what happened with H1N1. 

Those who think that they can now show their true colors, and scream in my direction about Trump’s handling of the Wuhan Virus, can all kiss my ass on their way straight to hell.

These are the same people who yelled foul when President Trump shut down travel from China to the US, real early, and if he had not done that we might well be in that 17,000 range of deaths today, or much more.  Imagine, for a moment if the death toll were that high, and then juxtapose that to utter silence when it was that high under their beloved Chicago politician, who funded terrorism, say again, funded terrorism.

President Trump held a virtual town hall meeting at which he reiterated that Joe Biden, who wants to be our next president, called him xenophobic, and racist, for doing that which saved all of those lives.

Joe Biden our next president? 

My ass. 

What Trump neglected to mention was that Biden also called it “hysteria”.

That is the most damning word of all, that he used back in February.  Hysteria is what they are all spreading now, they as in democrats and their cohorts in most all media circles.

Trump haters like to point out that he, the president, called this thing a hoax early on.  Ah, but he shut down those travelers from China, then, didn’t he?  It was not the disease that he called a hoax, it was and is the reaction to it, although he plays their game at present.  Perhaps Mr. Biden thought the actual disease was, in fact, a hoax, himself, given that he referred to strong action by our president as hysteria, hmm.

Double hmm.

As of this writing the total number of deaths with this current virus is approaching 19,000, WORLDWIDE, just hundreds in the USA.  Again, 17,000 people died on American soil under Obama during that crisis, horribly, and irrefutably, mishandled.  CDC estimated that H1N1 Swine Flu killed 151,700 – 575,400 people worldwide (such a wide range in number of human deaths is disturbing, at best).  The number of fatalities with the virus we face today is a fraction of what it was with H1N1, in any case.  There were no shutdowns of major cities, then.  Why the disparity in approach to the two deadly viruses?

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The number of deaths in the US in the 2019-2020 flu season was over 15,000 people, vs those hundreds with the COVID – 19, during the same time frame, and there were a good many people who had been vaccinated against the flu that were among those dead, so to say that there is no vaccination on the Wuhan Virus explains this is moot.

A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for, said Albert Einstein.  While cruise ships must stay at shore at the moment, we must all also know that it is only for the moment, as are all of these draconian measures being taken, across the board, with this virus.  We must all also question the disparities outlined here.  Perhaps we should all ask ourselves the question of whether any of this would be happening at all if there were a democrat sitting in the American White House, and its Oval Office.  Then, we must ask ourselves if it is the fault of the Republican American President who resides there, and his administration, or if it is lying filth that would convince us all that they are who are actually at fault.  It is most certainly the latter, no matter how seriously we must all take this present germ that is spreading, compliments of China, yet again.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


Trump Derangement Syndrome is real

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real Trump Derangement Syndrome is real Trump Derangement Syndrome is real Trump Derangement Syndrome is real

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