Wild Turkeys – Anti-Trumpers’ Syrian Hypocrisy

*During the time that Barack H. Obama was the sitting US President, the Middle East region underwent a fundamental transformation, one in which millions of people were slaughtered in the streets of Arab cities, including many Kurds.  Millions more people were running for their lives in all directions and there occurred an epic scale human refuge crises, which slammed smack into Europe.  Havoc in many European cities ensued and there continues a great deal of strife in that part of the world today, caused by such massive influx, yellow jackets and all.

The trouble began in the summer of 2009. Iranian citizens rose up in Tehran against the dictatorship of the Mullahs of Iran.  The revolution was put down.  President Barack Obama said and did exactly nothing.  About a year and a half later there was an uprising in Tahrir Square in Egypt. That same US President, the man sitting in the Oval Office, said on the world stage that “Hosni Mubarack has got to go”.  So, then, the world’s leading state sponsor of a global terrorist network gets a complete pass, while those keeping peace with Israel, and a stabilizing force in the greater Middle East, Egypt, gets an abrupt change of power.

Obama’s guy, Mohamed Morsi, got shuffled right on in, Morsi, of “Jihad is our way” credo as the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muhammad Morsi // Syrian Hyprocisy
Muhammad Morsi

When such things transpire in the Middle East the region is bound to go up in flames, which it did, and any thinking person would have to sharply consider the possibility that it was all by design, that it was deliberate and intentional.  After all, that US President did start his political career in the home of a terrorist, Bill Ayers.  The founders of America said all enemies, foreign and domestic, and the Chicago politician who won the White House was in league with the latter, no two ways about it.  The common denominator, of course, is violent terrorism, and the hate that fuels it.  Barack Obama was a terrorist supporter as sitting US President, and, of course, what he did as such was intentional.

ISIS was born out of all of the machinations of the Obama White House. “
ISIS was taking over Arab cities one by one, had many strongholds, as Iran got tens of billions of USD with which to kill more people with their terrorist operation, compliments of Barack Obama, and as Iran also was put straight on a path to nuclear armament, by Barack Obama.  All one needs to do is read the Algiers Accord to know that the reason given for that pay out to Iran was nothing but a web of lies.  The ISIS caliphate was crushed by Obama’s successor, Donald J Trump, saving countless lives, and the Iran Deal was put on full stop.
syrian hypocrisy
Now, the same people who said absolutely nothing about all of this historically factual narrative attack Trump for what has happened to a handful of Kurds in Northern Syria? 


They scream from the rafters that President Trump has abandoned our allies, when what he actually did was take US Servicemen out of harm’s way from an oncoming army from a NATO ally.  Had any of Trump’s critics said one thing about millions dead, that’s millions dead, in that region of the world from 2009-2017, perhaps they would have a modicum of credibility in their vicious attacks on Trump today.  They did not and do not.  The Democrats are outright lying, while any Republican angry with Trump’s decision on that border is either uninformed, or making noise for their benefactors who profit from war.


Shame on them all.


As the wild eyed Jussie Smollett impeachment efforts continue behind closed doors, with their attempt at legislative coup d’etat at full tilt, and as people who are not sound of mind continue to get tricked into thinking that this president is unfit for office, Donald Trump will continue with his hard work.  He is an outstanding president of great efficacy, this is clear as day, and while he has made and will continue to make mistakes, his policies save lives, including those of men and women of the United States Armed Forces, and his policies have driven a boom economy of historical proportions, as he heads toward his reelection victory in November of 2020.


They will not remove this president from office, and can nip at his heels on Syrian/Turkey/Kurdish policy, or any other policies, all that they want to.  President Donald John Trump will leave the White House as he boards Marine One, with a broad smile and an authoritative wave, with President Michael Richard Pence smiling and waving back at him.  We can all hope that a President Pence will be at least half as enormously successful as what will then be his former boss.


And we all should hope that there will be a lasting peace on that Syrian/Turkey border, as but one landmark accomplishment of dozens, if not hundreds of them on such a scale, at the hands of the 45th President of the United States of America.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


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