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*Brit Hume, former Washington Bureau Chief for Fox News Network, once said that it’s no longer a simple matter of our country being divided, but it is now more that each side sees the other side as something that is evil, that must be stopped. If you were to repeat this assessment to a good handful of people you will find that most all of them will 100% agree with it. That is saying a whole lot.

It is of paramount importance, then, that we find determinants as to which side is, in fact, the evil side, which side has among them the malevolent and nefarious forces among all of us. To that end, we must expose some cold, hard, ugly truths. And let’s be clear, it’s not that all people on any side are of evil, very surely not, and so those who are not bad actors will feel angry that the sinister people within their ideological leanings are revealed.

Rather than feeling anger, though, it’s preferable that such real truths be understood for what they are, and to also understand that a visceral negative reaction to truth is unhealthy, and on the wrong side.

Truth is truth.

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For one thing, let us fully grasp, once and for all, the ramifications involved when one political party says that if a presidential candidate from another political party wins, that they will absolutely impeach him.

Let’s repeat, it was said before he even won. That democrats said this is as telltale as we need to know in order to be aware of which side is the bad side. To say this is to ignore the will of the voters altogether, in a democratic system and society. It is, yes, evil, to disregard so totally the will of the people as it relates to governance of, by and for them.

One example of this horrid mindset is a Washington Post headline on Jan. 20, 2017, the day Donald Trump was inaugurated, which read: “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun“. How in the hell could any decent citizen be okay with that? To be so is to sign on to, dare we say again, evil.

To attempt to overturn a presidential election, as opposed to regrouping and challenging that newly elected president at the ballot box four years later, is as bad as we can find, and shall not be the new norm, ever, lest we allow for, well, evil, which can only triumph if good men and women do nothing.

Next, we can look at the fact that anyone of note closely associated with Donald Trump has been viciously attacked for being so.


Only malevolent forces would do such a thing. They attempt to poison the pool with this approach, and cause fear for good people who wish to work for an American President, as well as to remove intelligent people from the equation; evil, yes.

Take Roger Stone, for example. This is a man who stormed the back room of four democrats in the 2000 Florida debacle who had boxes and boxes of ballots. After Roger Stone stopped them in their tracks, there were two democrats and two republicans, as is the law, counting the ballots. He could well have saved our democracy with that one, and from a Gore White House in a post 9/11 world. Perhaps the gravy for those who attack him is petty payback for that, in the bargain. That would be, yes, evil. While the cards are stacked against him currently, just as they are for Paul Manafort, and General Michael Flynn, all three men will come out just fine, as will anyone else these evil forces attack for having the audacity, the unmitigated gall, of being associated with one of the most successful presidents in US history.

The Democratic Party of the modern age has been hijacked by stuffed socialist/communist shirts on the primary stage, day to day liars in our legislative body, Hollywood purveyors of smut and violence and Antifa in the streets of US cities, as but a few examples.

It is clear as a bell as to which side has evil forces wielding power among it.

November 3, 2020 will become a real test of which side will win.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


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