Iranian Aggression

*We are living in a strange day, age and era in American history, and presidential politics, and it isn’t pretty.  It is the Democratic Party of this modern age that has steadily been bringing us to an eerie, creepy time in our nation’s history, and all good Democrats among us need to revolt against their party leadership.  Also, all good Democrats within the power structure of their party need to start taking action against enemies within their party, and within our country.  What’s happened with Iran, it seems, can be a watershed moment for what the party will be moving forward.  They are at a crossroads, now, and their party’s survival is on the line.  As one of two parties of the two party system of the greatest country in human history, America, patriotic souls, and smarter thinking democrats, have a choice to make, right now.

Iranian Aggression - Tulsi Gabbard
Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)

When a sitting US President orchestrates the killing of a terrorist monster, with death and hatred to mankind as his approach to our world, and Democrats running in a presidential primary, in our legislative branch of government, and in governor’s mansions, attack our own president for doing so, all bets are off.  Picture blood soaked faces on human heads blown off all over the Middle East, limbs strewn across the landscape, human guts and organs scattered at bombing sites, at the hands of Qasam Soleimani, on a continuum, and then picture the democrat’s response to the fact that such a butcher was removed from the global scene.

Iranian Aggression - Bernie Sanders
Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

Bernie Sander’s, for instance, said the following – “This guy, you know, was, as bad as he was, an official of the Iranian government, and you unleash — then, if China does that, you know, if Russia does that, you know, Russia has been implicated under Putin with assassinating dissidents”.  US Senator Bernie Sanders is a front runner in the Democratic presidential primary, and this is what he offers, incoherent dribble, insinuations of nonsensical and inane thought.  Is this how the Democratic Party wants to be recognized today?  And, uh, Soleimani was no general of an Arab State, he, like all military figures from Iran, and all of their proxies, was a terrorist who was hellbent on violently destroying all people not Muslim that he could.  Full stop.

He was a terrorist who was hellbent on violently destroying all people not Muslim that he could.  Full stop.”
Iranian Aggression

Senator Elizabeth Warren suggests that the timing of this executive action, to remove a bloodthirsty murderer who slaughtered thousands of innocents, including hundreds of American citizens, is due to impeachment. This is laughable.  The impeachment hoax is going nowhere, and Trump knows full well that it is of no consequence, except in that it’s driving his real poll numbers up.  Once it is sent to the Senate, assuming it ever does, Trump’s real poll numbers will rise even further.  Perhaps this is the reason for the hold up.

Witnesses testifying on that side of the chambers, in this make believe hearing, will set the record straight, quickly.  Yeah, uh, hey there, Chief Feather Head, um, no, Trump is not wagging the dog, and this is obvious as it is that coffee is derived from coffee beans.

Ah, shut the hell up over there. 

And, hey, Lizzy, you are about as presidential as Jussie Smollett is.  And, by the way, the timing would be that an American was killed, as Trump warned Iran about, repeatedly.  Got it?

Iranian Aggression - Elizabeth Warren

Former Vice President Joe Biden is as confused about what to say about terrorists from Iran as he is about pretty much everything.  Joey has said that President Donald Trump has “tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox”.  Hmm, that’s rich coming from a man who stood pat while Obama caused the death of millions of people in that region of the world,  as he funded terrorism, funded it, and a massive human refuge crises with millions of Arabs running for their lives in all directions.

Iranian Aggression - - Biden
Vice President Joe Biden

Hey, Uncle Joe, pipe down there, bub, you’ve got nothing.  And, just asking, on a scale of 1-10 just how proud a moment was it for you when you denied Ukraine a cool billion USD if they did not fire the man who fought against the most corrupted oligarchy in that country, as in, your son’s benefactors?  Looks like it would be a full ten, given that video of you bragging your ass off about that firing.

Ah, come on.

Solid, cognizant, Americans will thank you to get the hell out of the primary, already, and go sit in a rocking chair murmuring to yourself in Delaware some frigging place.

President Trump, as opposed to President Obama, is taking terrorists on.”

Iranian Aggression - President Trump Delivers Speech Following Missile Strikes
President Donald Trump speaking on Iranian missile strikes (January 8, 2020).

The assassination of Qasem Soleimani was “an act of war”, said Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Well, now, perhaps Minnesotans can finally come to grips with the fact that electing this godawful creature to our House of Representatives was a huge mistake.

The acts of war, plural, were the killings of hundreds of Americans, dumb ass.  Stop fishing for a minute on all of those lakes, Minnesota, will you please, and pay attention.  Get her the hell out of those hallowed halls.  Thank you.

AO Cortez, New York Congresswoman, said this was an “unprecedented level of escalation and aggression by the president, and therefore by the United States”.   She went on to say that “he did this on behalf of our entire country and that that’s what makes the potential illegality of his action so flagrant, because he did not consult the Congress and this was not done with the support of the United States”.

Hey, there, little one, was that an email you received from one of George Soro’s goons, memorized it, and regurgitated it?  Unprecedented level of escalation of aggression my ass, this guy was killing many innocents.  Might that be the aggression?  And President Trump, who had more intelligence as a child than you will in your entire lifetime, is on solid constitutional ground.

Shut the hell up, there, little girl, your time in Congress is about to end.  People are on to you.

Iranian Aggression - The Squad

The SquadOn and on it goes.  What in the world has become of this political party?  Hey, hey, moderate and left of center Democrats, will you continue to bow to the likes of these brainless and shortsighted loudmouths?

Wake the hell up, eh?
They are not of the Democratic Party you signed up for.

President Trump, as opposed to President Obama, is taking terrorists on.  He, Trump, has killed several terrorist kingpins, those his predecessor financed.  This is not some incendiary remark, it is an observation of historical fact.  The Iran Deal was not designed to contain Iran, as liars insist, it was, instead, that which portended the destruction of Israel, and very clearly so.  And perhaps major US cities, as in, those of the “Great Satan”, the US.

The whole world stood by and watched the Holocaust for years, and the whole world was poised to watch the 21st century nuclear version of it, as per Obama.  As President Trump has made clear, and as any civilized person would ingest, the only areas in that Iran Deal that were up for unfettered access were areas where no nuclear capability attempts would be made, while the areas that were most likely to be used for such purposes were, uh, off limits.  Well, now, that little fact was left out when Obama explained the deal, then, wasn’t it?

Once real information is internalized the only sensible thing for any American to do is to finally understand that Democrats do not deserve your vote, and that President Donald J Trump does.  Democrats’ subversive response to the killing of a terrorist monster is indicative of who they now are, while President Donald J Trump is fighting for us all.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


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