America’s Immigration Conundrum – 13 Million is Enough

*We need some major fake news at this point in time. We need to announce that there is a crowd of immigrants marching through the U.S. towards Mexico, and we’re not going to do anything to stop them. In fact, we will feed them and offer them assistance as long as they don’t stay in the U.S. This mob consists of people dissatisfied with their economic prospects, and they have learned that life in Mexico is free from gangs, murderers, and corrupt governments. (We are under no obligation to disabuse them of this belief.) No matter what the Mexican laws are, we, the U.S., do not care, because as long as the crowd doesn’t stay in the U.S., as long as they leave, everything is great. They can march through the U.S. to Mexico unencumbered. In fact, if they want to pick up some U.S. gangsters along the way, that’s good too.

Just what would Mexico do if the situation was reversed? One of the tools of critical thinking (I’m not going to get too Hegelian on you here) is to reverse the situation and see how it looks. Taking the perspective of a different person can expand one’s viewpoint and help understand where someone is coming from, so let’s look at the folks coming north to the (Democrat promised) promised land.

They live in states where corruption is rampant, as are gangs. The very, very rich own and run everything, while they pay only slave wages and line their pockets upon the backs of the poor. The working class barely survives while paid slave wages and the idle rich class earn enough each year to finance an idle lifestyle for their grandchildren’s grandchildren. The wages of the blue-collar workers have stagnated for decades, and the “middle class” is invisible. Sound familiar?

The government takes special efforts to ensure that the rich retain their wealth and avoid any substantial taxes, all the while their minimal infrastructure crumbles, but it really doesn’t matter because the rich can afford to live by their own means, and the infrastructure that helps the poor  and middle class offers them no opportunities in commerce, income, or sustenance. Sound familiar?

The gangs control the economy and actually offer wages for helping them with the drugs that they traffic. Gangs mean opportunity, and the limp-wristed corrupted government offers no opposition to the gangs and organized crime. There are more opportunities for citizens with the illegal operations of commerce than the legal ones, and safer too.

The wages of the blue-collar workers have stagnated for decades, and the “middle class” is invisible.”

In these countries that they are leaving by shoe leather, they cannot afford motor transit; the politicians are happy to see them leave, because they are nothing but a burden upon their respective societies. The politicians love to rid themselves of the loser class; after all, they only present challenges to the treasury and are thorns in the sides of the politicians. Serving the needs of the idle rich class is a much more lucrative challenge for the politicians, be they in Mexico, Nicaragua, or the United States.

Illegal Immigration - Open Dump Site in Nicaragua
Open Dump Site in Nicaragua Photo Credit: Timothy Bouldry

They will get free food, housing and education in the promised land, whether they entered legally or by other means. They can have a baby in the U.S. and then the American public is so thoughtful they will refuse to deport anyone in the family. Then they can keep having anchor babies (on the dime of U.S. Medicare) in hospitals and get more and more anchors that tug on the heartstrings of U.S. citizens, and ask that all kinds of exceptions be made so that the family, illegally brought here and funded by the American taxpayers, can stay indefinitely.

The U.S. will funnel federal funds to the illegals, and they will pursue the American Dream. They will insist that they retain their native language and they will do everything to retain their native culture, the culture that could not sustain them or their children, the culture that disdained law and order, the culture that encouraged gangs taking over the government, the culture that offered no opportunities, the culture that valued them as little more than cattle. Good decision, if you want more of the same.

Who among us is convinced that their culture of poverty, corruption, crime, abandonment and restricted economic opportunities to the selected few, are values that the U.S. desperately needs? While perhaps those values are not reflected in the refugees, if could be argued that they choose not to stay and change their societies, but to abandon their societies. We too, as Americans, faced corrupt governments (Tamany Hall, Teapot Dome Scandal) gangs (Mafia) economic tyrants (the trusts and robber barons) economic collapse (the Great Depression, the Great Recession) but there was nowhere to run, and we hunkered down and addressed the problem.

Illegal Immigration at US Border

We all came from somewhere, it’s true. What we choose not to see is that, in the past, the U.S. refused to allow entry to the drugged, the diseased, and the disabled, to name but a few. To go back to our past as to who we allowed into this country would reveal huge obstructions and prejudices that lasted for decades. To attempt to just crash over the border as a gang and then somehow blend into the society is not an effective strategy to enter a country, and none of the countries so eager and willing to surrender these refugees would find such behavior acceptable if done to them. What many people are unwilling to admit is that if there are as many people who are poor in these countries, could it be that they are economically challenged and, possibly, overpopulated? There, I said it. Too many people. Excuse me, too many poor people, or, if you wish, not enough employment opportunities, or to put it yet another way, not enough rich people.

If they obtain employment, it will be with companies who ask few questions and dislike paperwork. Cash is king. Thirteen million is enough. Let’s straighten out the current problem before it gets worse. Realistically, it’s already unmanageable. It will take millions of dollars to fix what is already a bad situation, and as long as a certain party who invites them in and courts their contributions at the polls continues to court them, we will never resolve the preexisting problem.

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