Left Wing Violence

*Johnny Depp, the actor, asked a raucous audience one day “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?“.  He immediately asserted that he, himself, is not really an actor, but that he’s just a guy who “lies for a living”, adding “however, it’s been a while, maybe it’s time”.  No, Mr. Depp, you do not lie for a living, you are, in fact, an actor, although you certainly do lie through your teeth about politics and life in general outside of your chosen profession.

Johnny Depp is a terrible liar day to day, yes, like much of the left wing is, and he’s very clearly got missing pieces, damn dumb, actually.  He incited violence that day, or, certainly, violent thought processes.  Perhaps he steeped his own persona too deeply in a pirate’s life, and he is barely any better than one, if better at all.  Talk of it being time for an actor to assassinate a sitting US President ought to have had him arrested by the time he got off that stage surrounded by his lowlife fans (anyone who whoops it up, laughs, cheers and claps at the notion of killing anyone, including President Trump, are lowlifes).

Those who accuse President Trump today of fomenting violence didn’t bat a lash at Depp’s rant.

Madonna said, to hordes of similar people on her dais, “Yes, I am angry.  Yes! I think an awful lot about blowing up the White House”.  Nasty little thing, that one, and talk of blowing up anything at all is certainly not a picture of civility, is it then?  If uttering those words is not pushing our patience and tolerance over the borderline then nothing is.  Here again, she should’ve been arrested before she ever made it back to her palatial mansion/wild eyed sex chamber.  She too incited violent thought processes.  She is a snapshot of the Democratic party, currently, no two ways about it, and that is very sad.

Those who accuse President Trump today of fomenting violence didn’t bat a lash at Madonna’s rant.

At the Delacorte Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park Show (Central Park, NYC) garish little people had a Trump lookalike on stage being stabbed repeatedly, as a Julius Caesar, dying a bloody death on stage, where that blood pooled.  “We stand completely behind our production”, the theater’s statement trumpeted, saying that heated discussion and debate “is exactly the goal of our civically-engaged theater; this discourse is the basis of a healthy democracy”.  Yeah, right, uh huh.  If President Barack Obama had been depicted as a Caesar being stabbed to death on any stage they’d have screamed, well, bloody murder, and everyone knows it.  They are liars, and such sheer bloodthirsty violence aimed at a US President is outright despicable, and dangerous, and they know it.

Those who accuse President Trump today of fomenting violence didn’t bat a lash at a portrayal of multiple, fatal stab wounds on a Trump lookalike.

Snoop Dog put out a video in which his own Donald Trump lookalike had a gun placed right up to his left temple, then the little “bang” stick coming out of the fake gun, like we’ve seen in harmless skits through the years.

Only in this video there is a loud, echoing report heard.  That portrayal was of a US President’s brains being blown out of his head.  Of course, that was met with snickers and tee hes.  Could there be something in that cannabis he’s smoking, say, rat poison?  Nah, if there was he’d be dead by now, gnawing little rat that he is.

Those who accuse President Trump today of fomenting violence didn’t bat a lash at the depiction of our president being shot, point blank, in his head in some disgusting little rap video.

Kathy Griffin did catch some grief for her antics.  Looks like decapitation, with blood dripping all over the place, the head of a US President in hand, with snide grins, is where they draw the line.  One might wonder how many left wing Democrats privately applauded her, though, behind the scenes, on that one – “Oh, how I wish you’d done that at my private party Kathy, for our own enjoyment”.  Whee.  Of course, no one could publicly condone such an overt act of sickening violent portrayal.  Now, if any comedienne had pulled such a stunt with Obama in the White House liberals would’ve been calling, well, for that person’s head on a stick.  Perhaps an island out in the Black Sea, say, St. Cyricus Island, would’ve been far enough to retreat to.  Then again, maybe not.  Obama maniacs may have pursued someone that far to exact their pound of flesh for having the audacity of expressing that level of violence involving their precious anointed one.

Left Wing Violence - Kathy Griffin holds severed Donald Trump head

Joe Biden announced once that he’d like to take Donald Trump “behind the bleachers“.  Hillary Clinton says “we cannot be civil“.  Eric Holder says that when “they go low we kick them

~No Mr. Holder, it is not the Republicans who go low in the first place, so stuff it

 Maxine Waters, who lives real high on the hog in DC where multitudes of black people suffer greatly all around her, said “let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up.  And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd…”   On and on the examples go of current day Democrats engaged in violent tendencies and incitement with their words and actions.  And now, with one moron having sent film prop bombs in the mail to Democrats, these same people smugly and pompously float the frivolous, down and dirty dishonest notion that Donald Trump gives impetuous to violent behavior?  Really? Really?  Such dishonest buffoonery cannot be taken seriously by the American voting public, and such perpetrators of it should be shunned by all of us.

It didn’t start with Donald Trump winning the White House, either.  How many of us remember, or even know of, that ‘docudrama political thriller’ in 2006 in which President George W Bush is shot in the stomach coming out of a Chicago hotel?  That piece, in English and Arabic, won accolades from film festivals, and a total of six awards.  If it’s Director and Co-Producer, Gabriel Range, had offered his nasty little “film” in, say, 2014, with Obama the victim, it’d have caused an explosion of anger from all quarters.  But, no, see, Republicans do not produce such things.

Left Wing Violence - Death of a President film

We should all be able to imagine the conversations that President Donald Trump is having with many hardworking and patriotic people, including in the Oval Office, today, where such things are discussed.  He probably shakes his head slowly saying “unbelievable, unbelievable”.  And President Trump knows, beyond any doubt, that the majority of the people of this country are with him.  It is only natural that they would be.  President Trump knows that it is the Democrats who foment violence on a continuum, and he also knows just how obvious that fact is to the general public, no matter how many times these horrid little people point their fingers at him.

Left Wing Violence - trash left a Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street crowd, with their nasty, huge piles of garbage anywhere they gathered, rape tents, defecation on police cars and knife attacks on policemen, were all Democrats, or Democrat proxies, so too are ANTIFA, with such groups as these just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.  Good Democrats should be aghast to a person, and need to let the world know that they are onto the fact that their party has been commandeered by extremely bad actors.  That includes the leaders of their party, too, who sit pompously and smugly with their fingers pointed at the sitting Republican President because of some one-off lunatic with Trump stickers plastered on his van.  MAGA bomber my ass.  Cesar Sayoc is no more indicative of Trump supporters than James Hodgkinson was the face of Bernie Sander’s supporters.  Democrats who talk of Trump fomenting violent acts are knowingly lying, and in so doing are no better than the perpetrators of violent, vicious attacks themselves.

The next time anybody tries to assert to you, the readers of this article, that President Trump’s comments and comportment are conducive to violent outbreaks in our country, your best course of action is probably to turn on your heel and walk away, lest you be attacked verbally, or worse, for speaking obvious truths.

As for myself, I will come right at such people with these truths, and shout down anyone who tries their hand at intimidation.  And if I am struck, which I have been by Trump haters, I send that person to a hospital bed, from which they are sent to jail.  As a Christian, with lots of love in my heart, I will not be cowed by these people, because for me it is like the hymn says; “Onward Christian Soldiers, as if off to War”.  The pen is preferable to the sword, naturally, but I do live, after all, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where Trump hating, vacant eyed liberals abound.

I will not stand for a minute of it, and as someone who has boxed hard in my life, who can easily take a punch and who hits real hard, I am conditioned for physical contests if I must.  Meanwhile, I implore people in massive numbers to write letters to your editors, Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Attorney’s General, Precinct Captains and anyone else you can think of, making clear with the written word, that you know the score.  A groundswell of support for our president in the face of such deception and trickery is, at this exact moment, just what the Doctor ordered.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


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