Brainy Ones

Second largest brains orcas,
Twofold human adults,
Black/white largest prevalent dolphins,
Stunning sonar echolocation,
Pinpoint golf ball hundred-metre
split second!

Transient pack hunters,
Roaming oceans,
Sharks sealions porpoises,
Minke Gray calves,
Residents hug coastlines,
Herding balling devouring herring.

Four hundred clicks elucidating second,
Triple nerve ear fibres,
And largest diameter nerve,
Unrivalled Animal Kingdom,
Sound beams into images!

Matriarchal orca world,
Mothers aunties children,
Children’s children,
Matchless mother-child lifelong bond,
Longevity fifty spins males,
Female centenarians!

Aged forty-five,
Females undergo menopause,
Humans short-finned pilot dolphins too,
Ecological matriarch wisdom,
Recollecting sources fending famines!

Each dolphin signature whistle,
Stable family pod,
Seventeen discreet calls,
Several pods clan vocalising,
Several clans comprise communities,
Different communities disassociated.

Orca societies complex,
Superseding chimpanzees,
Yet more peaceful,
Seventeen days grieving!
No parallel outside humans.

Orcas ten billion brain neurons,
Elephants eleven billion,
Humans sixteen billion,
Honeybees one million!
Four species indistinguishable neurons,
Delineator degree of combination.
Most complex earthly societies
brainy ones!

Orcas doomed,
Pernicious deadly poisons,
PCBs shackled reproduction,
Gibraltar Spain North Sea,
Brazil Japan NE Pacific,
Scandalous, Extinction Rebellion!

Agitate. Disrupt. Defend.



Reese Halter

Reese Halter is a bees/trees/seas defender.
His upcoming book, Unearthly Wails is a special edition, a collection of poetry
illustrated by renowned Ojibwa artist Terry McCue.
Email: for your prepublication order.

Reese Halter Unearthly Wails

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