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Contemporary Colonization

Make no mistake; this is colonization under the guise of immigration.

You enter the country without permission, disrespecting the laws of that country. You settle in and establish your culture, ignoring the native culture. You don’t speak the language, and make little effort to learn the language.

You even fly the flag of your home country, instead of the flag of the country where you reside. You take advantage of the already built industries as well as the infrastructure. If fact, you stress the wealth of the country that you have taken over. You have no intention of adopting the language, and you exploit the economy, as well as the infrastructure, to your advantage.

In that you are not encountering much resistance, you invite your family and friends to come and live with you. Illegally, of course, as there seems to be little resistance once you get far enough inside the country.  The established institutions such as schools and hospitals kindly and generously make exceptions for you, and you take the generosity of those institutions as a given, that somehow you deserve them, even when you make a minimal contribution to their economy, and burden the education and health care system until they begin to neglect the native people of the nation. You send as much of the wealth that you can back to your home country.

Eventually, you establish segments of entire cities of the host nation as “yours,” where few speak the language of your adopted country. Your culture is transplanted into the new country, and you actually look down upon the culture of the country where you have relocated.

Pretty soon, you begin to expect that the country adopt your views of religion, even when they are in direct contrast with the established laws of that country. No matter, because your culture is superior, and you have little regard for the native country where you have relocated.

More and more of your citizens come uninvited, because there are too many people in your country, not enough infrastructure, and the education and health care are so much better in the country where you came uninvited and illegally. The countries where you have come to are wracked with guilt, feeling sympathetic to you, and you take advantage of that guilt.

Many of the people from your country are criminals, but even when they commit crimes, being in prison in your new country is far better than being in prison in your native country.

Even though you are not citizens of the host country, you insist on changing the government of that country, and some of the people of that country even encourage you to participate, even though you are not citizens with the rights of citizens.

You manage to vote certain people opposed to your agenda out of office, violating the laws of election, but then, you have your interests, which you have put far ahead of any of the interests of the country that has given you opportunities.

All the while, there are people in your host country who feel pity for you and insist that government ignore existing law and accommodate your interests. So you invite more and more of your family and friends to come illegally, so that your culture, language, government (corrupt as it can be) may be adopted.

In past centuries, we called it colonization; where uninvited visitors came, exploited as much as they could of the wealth, and sent as much of it as they could back to their home country. They had little respect for the culture or language of the country that they invaded without permission.

Total Annual Impact of Illegal Immigration - $116 Billion
Image Credit: Federation for American Immigration Reform / Total National Cost: $135 Billion / Total Taxes Paid: $19 Billion / Total Economic Impact: $116 Billion

Many of them have no intention of learning the language, ever. They fly their native flags as if they have staked a claim in the new country, and from all intents and purposes, they have staked a claim.

How many million will have to be here illegally, how many will procreate as much as possible (while our healthcare system generously provides birthing services free of charge, billing Uncle Sam) and insist that they be allowed to stay?

We are being colonized.

They have no intention of learning our language, adopting our culture, but they sure want to vote as soon as they can, preferably by being granted that right without any of the legal hurdles to be jumped through.

Meanwhile, the people who follow the rules stand aside while the uninvited take liberties no one could take in any other country. Some people of a certain political party want more of this.

More ignoring the language, more stressing of the infrastructure, more demands made upon our educational system and healthcare system, more draining of our national treasure even when we are entering perilous debt.

Embracing diversity (without following established laws) will leave America broke and powerless, while the newly-granted citizens will (as they have been informed to do) vote themselves wealth until there is simply no more to give.

Go to your nearest veteran cemetery and think about what your fellow citizens died for.

For this?


Jeffrey Neil Jackson

Jeffrey Neil Jackson is an
Educator & Literary Mercenary


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