Fossil Fuel Retribution: Climate Hurricanes


The heat from fossil fuel and wood pellet combustion stored within the oceans (equivalent to dropping five Hiroshima atomic bombs every five seconds nonstop) is supercharging these god-awful climate hurricanes and climate fires.

Climate Hurricanes
Climate Hurricane Iota decimated life in its wake. It was a record 30th named tropical storm within the Atlantic during 2020. 
Image credit: Luis Guillermo Ferrebus/AP

Today, tropical storms are rapidly intensifying into hurricanes and typhoons. In addition, global heating is slowing down these tempests, which means they have become more torrential, violent and deadly.

Climate Hurricanes
Columbia’s Providencia (the red balloon) is a mountainous Caribbean island midway between Costa Rica and Jamaica.
Image credit: Google Maps

On Monday, just 13 days after the record Category 5 Hurricane Eta smashed into the coastline of Nicaragua and Honduras, Category 5 Hurricane Iota (the ninth storm in 2020 to rapidly intensity) leveled the Columbian island of Providencia. Everything was destroyed, 98 percent of the infrastructure was ruined.

Climate Hurricanes
Haulover, Nicaragua (the red balloon) bore the initial brunt of climate Hurricane Iota’s 155 mph (249kph) winds and its lethal 15-foot (~4.5m) storm surge.
Image Credit: Google Maps

That Iota barreled into Nicaragua just 15 miles (~24km) south (near Haulover) of where Eta made landfall is astounding. The wrath of this hurricane ripped trees out of the earth and tore the roof off Puerto Cabezas’s New Dawn Hospital, which had been hobbled a fortnight earlier by Eta. Millions of animals were drowned including endangered jaguars, white-lipped peccaries, Baird’s tapirs, great green macaws, golden-winged warblers, great curassows, leatherback turtle hatchlings, elongated shadowdamsels (dragonflies) and so many other masterpieces of nature.

Climate Hurricanes
Men carrying bananas and a guitar wading through Hurricane Iota’s deluge in El Progreso, department of Yoro, Honduras, on November 18, 2020.
Image Credit: AFP

The heat from fossil fuel and wood pellet combustion stored within the oceans (equivalent to dropping five Hiroshima atomic bombs every five seconds nonstop.

Up to three feet (~1m) of rainfall poured continuously onto the coastal mountains unleashing flash floods, landslides and mega tons of flowing mud. Three million six-hundred thousand people, including a half million Gen Zs (under 26s), are amongst another fossil fuel-caused humanitarian crisis.

Climate Hurricanes
Volunteer firefighters walk along a path on a search-and-rescue operation in San Cristóbal Verapaz, Guatemala (Nov. 7, 2020).
Image Credit: Moises Castillo/AP

Thirteen days ago, Hurricane Eta roared into the Guatemalan mountain village of San Cristóbal Verapaz. Fifty feet (~15m) of mud crashed down the hillside and wiped the entire community off the map. An unknown number of people were buried alive. Where was the aid of the wealthiest industry, fossil fuels, in the history of mankind? Nonexistent. Unfracking acceptable.

Climate Hurricanes
Many, many millions of school children are demanding immediate climate action.
Image credit: Julian Meehan

Amid the Age of Lying, the adults in the room have miserably failed a couple billion Gen Zs. Allow me to remind you that failing to plan, is planning to fail.

Climate Hurricanes
Aussie children are terrified because the Great Barrier Reef is great no longer. They are calling upon Scotty from marketing (aka Prime Minister Scott Morrison) to stop the Indian billionaire, Gautam Adani, from proceeding with digging his new Carmichael coalmine in the Galilee Basin, Queensland, before the whole Reef is a giant bone yard. 
Image credit:

The Gen Zs must not wait any longer for climate action. Instead, they must drive it relentlessly and demand a zero-combustion global economy by 2030.

Disruption, sacrifice and escalation are the necessary ingredients for a successful civil, momentum-driven, disobedient uprising. That’s about 273 million people, or, 3.5 percent of the world’s population, persistently demanding climate justice because a business as usual global growth model, i.e. One Belt One Road, is endgame. Not on my watch!















Dr. Reese Halter

Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster, distinguished conservation biologist and author.
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