Gulf Oil, Whale Executioners

More fracking
Seismics, drilling
Piping, poisoning
Gulf of Mexico,
Marine life
Climate, NAH!

Deepwater debacle
Yesterday’s yawns,
Sicken sealife
Davy Jones’s locker,
Drill Baby Drill!

Oh, America!
Big Oil’s Congress
Boil planet
Execute Rice whales,
Post haste!

Four dozen
Critically endanger’d
Unique Bryde’s
Earthly remaining,
Highly sensitive:
Banker’s GREED!

About 90,000 offshore wells have been drilled in the Gulf of Mexico. In April 2023, the Biden administration is offering up 73 million acres (29.5Mha) in the Gulf of Mexico for sale to oil and gas companies, threatening the health of Gulf communities and marine mammals in the sea. That includes the Gulf of Mexico’s Rice whales, the most endangered filter feeders on earth. Scandalous!

Climate marches
Extinction Rebellion
Direct action
Only antidote,
Defend Mother

© 2023 Reese Halter

Agitate. Disrupt. Defend.

Reese Halter

Reese Halter is a bees/trees/seas defender.
Unearthly Wails is a special edition, a collection of poetry
illustrated by renowned Ojibwa artist Terry McCue.
Email: to order

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