Trump Throws Wolves Under Bus

*This week, the Department of the Interior, led by acting secretary David Bernhardt, announced plans to delist wolves from the Endangered Species Act across America. A small exception of 114 critically endangered Mexican wolves of Arizona and New Mexico could be spared.

Alpha male (712) of the Canyon pack in the Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park. Image credit: Jim Peaco/National Park Service

In the early 1970s, masterpiece grey wolves were hunted to near extinction, a horrifying non-stop bloodbath. In 1973, the Endangered Species Act saved wolves from extinction.  Almost a half-century later these doctors of the land occupy less than 10 percent of their original range.

Grizzly bears are the monarchs of the wilderness. Image credit: Reuters

The Trump administration dutifully takes its dictation from the special interest groups representing: the ranchers, the National Rifle Association, the Tucson-based Safari Club and other gun worshipping planet-killing organizations.

The animal cruelty and the sense of repugnant entitlement of this administration was first evidenced in 2017.In order to appease bloodthirsty trophy hunters with more moose and caribou in Alaska, Trump signed a horrid death sentence for bears and wolves within 16 national wildlife refuges.

Surrounded by gleeful animal-hating public servants, with the stroke of his pen, Trump authorized the shooting and trapping of wolves while at their dens with cubs, spotting grizzly bears from aircraft, massacring hibernating bears, trapping bears with wire snares and luring bears with food to get a point-blank kill. Heinous sociopathic brutality.

Wolves are legendary for their spine-tingling howl, which they use to communicate. Image credit: National Park Service

Animal kingdom superhero Farley Mowat wrote, “We have doomed the wolf not for what is but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be: the mythologized epitome of a savage, ruthless killer – which is, in reality, no more than the reflected image of ourselves. We have made it the scapegoat for our sins.”


When Canadian wolves were reintroduced into the park, they dispersed and reduced the elk population. This enabled Nature to begin repairing the ecology of the river.”

When the wolves were eradicated from Yellowstone National Park, the elk population took off and severely overgrazed the riverside vegetation. Streamside erosion adversely impacted fish habitat, and in turn reverberated up the food chain denying raptors of prey. When Canadian wolves were reintroduced into the park, they dispersed and reduced the elk population. This enabled Nature to begin repairing the ecology of the river.

Caption: Within hours after undergoing capturing, handling and arriving on Isle Royale, four Canadian wolves immediately got onto the trail of their U.S. pack mates Image credit: Vice

Also this week, four Canadian wolves were captured and airdropped on Lake Superior’s Isle Royale National Park in Michigan, effectively doubling the pack’s current numbers. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are rebuilding the dwindling wolf population to reduce the moose population.

Image credit: Jim Carey

Does one hand of this Trump administration know what the other is doing? In the case of the grey wolves, apparently not.

Allow me to remind you that the loss of just one breeding wolf can decimate a pack. In addition, losing an alpha female means that her ecological wisdom is forgone unless she successfully taught her juveniles.

Caption: Hideous biological annihilation Image credit: Bob Dalby

What we are currently witnessing in the United States from this elite-driven administration is a disgusting reminder of perverse corruption with an insatiable appetite for living masterpieces. There is no logical justification whatsoever for the destruction of our priceless brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom. Nothing survives from the impoverishment of Nature.

Nature-loving men, on the other hand, leave no footprints. They relish spending quiet time in Nature and getting up close with living masterpieces. They take pictures and share those wonders of the wild with others.

In the meantime, we are witnessing the Man-driven Sixth Mass Extinction accelerate 10,000 times faster than the previous five others. Unacceptable.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must not go quietly into this ghastly impoverished future. Join the resistance!








Dr. Reese Halter

Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster, distinguished conservation biologist and author.

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