Trump’s Tirade at the Coup

*The media of today (2019) are so incredibly inaccurate and uneducated that it is difficult to understand how they were hired as reporters or commentators. Zack Ford, on the website Thinkprogress thinks he can correct the president on the use of a political term that he doesn’t think is appropriately used. Mr. Ford, and many of his co-conspirators in the media, think that Mr. Trump is incorrect when he uses the term “coup d’etat” for the Mueller investigation. As one member of the media stated on one of the Sunday discussions, they insisted that President Trump was in error because “coup d’etat” means military overthrow of the government.

For the record,  in French, literally means ‘blow of state’ or “government overthrow” nothing even mentioned about military. When one reviews the listings of the synonyms for the term “coup d’etat” you will find synonyms such as: “seizure of power, coup, overthrow, takeover, ousting, deposition, regime change.” Funny, I didn’t see military involved in any of those synonyms. I think if the critics of Mr. Trump knew very much about language, especially political language, they would have used the term “junta” which, by definition, actually does mean a military takeover of the government. Mr. Trump didn’t say junta, he said coup, and the Mueller investigation was an unsuccessful coup; that is, an effort to overthrow or remove a government.

The media are correcting Mr. Trump for yet another error that is, in fact, yet another error of the media. But, before I rake Mr. Ford over the coals, let’s quote him: Trump’s use of the word “coup” is, if nothing else, inaccurate, as it is generally defined as a sudden power grab carried out in a violent, illegal way, often involving the use of the military.

A “coup d’etat” is a strike at the government, exactly describing the Mueller investigation…”

Trump Coup

Actually, Mr. Ford’s criticism of Mr. Trump for using the term “coup” is, if nothing else, inaccurate, biased, self-righteous bilge written by someone who has no business writing about politics, especially if they cannot get common terms correct. Of course, the biased media cannot do without their cliche, of Trump’s “far right” associations, which have become de rigueur. These declasse “journalists” such as Ford, are given carte blanche to report anything that would portray Trump as the enfant terrible. Drawing the erroneous conclusion that President Trump made a gauche reference to a government takeover is just more evidence of the media’s hauteur.

Hiding behind a faux façade of academic knowledge, the press could at least look up terms before they launch into fusillade of accusations, but then, the press has made it their job to criticize everything President Trump says or does. The press got this one wrong by a longshot. The Mueller investigation was a coup, starting with a dossier of dubious origin, and ending up with a critique that the Democrats could not accept, and has left them with their derriere hanging out, instead of their anticipated cortege of the Trump administration.

It is truly sad that the media can’t get it right. There’s a reason we call it “fake news” and Mr. Zack Ford is Exhibit One, prima facie evidence in the case of a biased media with an ulterior motive that many in the media don’t even bother with trying to conceal.  A “coup d’etat” is a strike at the government, exactly describing the Mueller investigation. That Mueller’s (and the Democrats, lest we forget) effort to find that President Trump committed a crime was unsuccessful, does not make it any less of an attempted coup. Read your history, Mr. Ford, coups don’t always succeed.

Trying to lessen the criticism of the twenty-three million dollar boondoggle as some kind of necessary exercise only further reveals the liberal predilection of the media. Criticism of Trump’s description is just more fodder for criticism by a prejudiced media. The self-righteousness of the now unquestionable media should be embarrassing, but I doubt they will feel anything such as guilt or remorse. If the criticism of President Trump succeeds, even under false premise, then they consider it a success. Journalism is no longer objective and truthful, it is preferential and deceptive, and the aforementioned website which I will not repeat is a prime example.

In the same way the totalitarian governments (power taken by coups, many times) distribute propaganda (mistakenly called journalism) even the use of common terms become fodder for criticism. The search for criticism and political correctness has, apparently, altered the definitions of commonly used terms. Either that, or we have some exceptionally doltish news writers (I refuse to describe this dunce as a journalist) who lack any education or understanding of the sophisticated terms our president uses. We’ve lowered the standard even further, none to my surprise.

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