432 New Coal Mines, The Bitter End

SAN FRANCISCO – This week, climate fires, climate floods, climate heatwaves and climate mega-droughts are laying waste to people and Mother Earth.

Climate and Coal Mines
Credit: Peter Carter, Climate Emergency Institute

A mega-drought across America’s West is deepening. In California, a million acres are fallow. Billions of dollars forgone. No mid winter Sierra Nevada snowpack, no spring groundwater recharge, so millions of taps across the Golden State have begun to trickle.

In June amid record U.S. heat, the world’s coal producers announced 432 new coal mines, mostly in China, Australia and Russia. Avarice bankers, oligarchs and the world’s leaders are unconcerned about adding more combustion heat into the biosphere that has become a gigantic land and sea graveyard.

The oceans are brimming with fossil fuel and wood pellet heat. Horrifyingly, they have begun to stabalise. That means cold currents, which supply iron and nitrogen to fertilise the phytoplankton, the basis of the entire marine food web, are not upwelling. Consequently, 40 percent of oceanic phytoplankton is missing. Phytoplankton also provides vital habitat for Prochlorococcus marinus. It’s the world’s largest photosynthetic surface, annually exhaling billions of tons of oxygen.

Climate and Coal Mines
On July 20 (2021), more than two feet of rain fell within 24 hours on Zhengzhou, China. Credit: Twitter

If the oceans are incapable of deep storing combustion heat then that man-made hotness will accumulate on the sea surface, thereby supercharging the atmosphere. If you think London, England, getting one month of rainfall in a day, or parts of Germany and Belgium suffering two months of precipitation in two days, or central China copping a year’s worth of rain within 24 hours is horrendous, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’!

The atmosphere holds seven percent more moisture for every 1C (1.8F)  degree of warming. So now when heaven opens up, it pours cats and dogs.

Climate and Coal Mines
Nearly half a million acres have burned in Oregon’s Bootleg Fire. Untold numbers of animals were cremated. Credit: CNN

Climate chaos is lambasting every continent in real time. On the outskirts of hell, Oregon’s ferocious Bootleg climate fire and its cyclonic winds are wrenching mature trees out of the earth. Thick towering plumes of hot smoke are spewing six miles into the troposphere and 3,000 miles to the east, it’s choking New Yorkers.

Last year in Australia, three billion of our kith and kin, the animals, were subsumed in a horrific climate holocaust.

Climate and Coal Mines
Credit: NOAA

This year in June, a ginormous Pacific Ocean marine heatwave served up Canada’s all-time highest temperature, 49.6 degrees (121.3F) (more than 5C above the previous record). And more than a billion sea creatures along the Salish Sea shoreline were parboiled.

Credit: Peter Carter, Climate Emergency Institute

Also in June, the Arctic sea ice receded at a record pace. The exposed dark ocean surface is now absorbing solar radiation instead of the light colored sea ice of yesteryears reflecting it to space. More heat at the North Pole is slowing the upper westerly air current, or, polar jet stream, and it’s becoming wavier. Hence, climate storms and hurricanes are concurrently moving slower and inflicting more damage.

In July, heatwaves on LaplandChina and Moscow set the stage for hellacious Siberian climate fires. Those exquisite slow growing taiga old-growth forests are doomed. Everything is on fire.

Credit: Peter Carter, Climate Emergency Institute

In the face of all this mind-boggling planetary mayhem, the G20 are hell for leather to exploit all the remaining earthly resources. Biden’s America is on a pace this year to reach the highest drilling level since George W. Bush was president. Trudeau’s Canada is rinsing more tar sands than ever before, and polluting the Athabasca and MacKenzie Rivers that empty into the Arctic Ocean.

Climate and Coal Mines
A tar sands tailing pond leaking carcinogens into Alberta’s waterways, which eventually drains into the Arctic Ocean. Credit: Globe and Mail

Putin’s Russia recently opened a Siberian fracking pipeline into China and he’s in the midst of turning on yet another fracking tap, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, for Merkel’s Germany to indulge the European Union’s (EU) insatiable consumptive demands. Morrison’s Australia has flung the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders, under the bus to curry favor with a planet-killing Indian coal baron, Gautam Adani. Life on the planet be damned.

Shockingly, the EU is hurriedly chopping up some of Earth’s greatest carbon warehouses, old-growth rainforests, and burning our last chance at survival. Each year, an area the size of 40 percent of Germany’s Black Forest is combusted in hulking furnaces, stoking more widespread ocean fevers. Let me remind you that the oceans drive Earth’s climate.

Meanwhile, old-growth carbon storehouses in the Amazon, Congolese and Indo/Malayan tropics are also highly sensitive to heatwaves, droughts and cataclysmic climate fires. The planet’s greatest climate stabilisers and intercontinental rainmakers are failing. These rainforests are now exhaling more carbon rather than inhaling it. Oh dear gawd!

Climate and Coal Mines
Credit: Peter Carter, Climate Emergency Institute

Additionally, human food crops are also incapable of withstanding  higher temperatures, longer lasting heatwaves and more strangling droughts. It could be only a handful of years before we witness continental crop failures, especially with super El Niño events just around the corner.

Stopping man-made combustion heat is imperative. If we fail to intelligently respond to this intensifying climate catastrophe, we will all starve.


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Reese Halter is a forest/ocean defender.
His latest book is GenZ Emergency.
Email: HalterBooks@gmail.com for your autographed copy.
In Australia, order from the Bob Brown Foundation by emailing: Contact@BobBrown.org.au


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