Carter Page: Redacted and Divided

*The redacted version of the Carter Page FISA application is out.

The kernel of the evil seed has sprouted, as we have former lawmen use the term “FISA debacle” to describe the process only active FBI agents, four Republican judges on the FISA panel, and DOJ officials know to be true. The alleged conspirators, or as the media calls them – collaborators: a news network (specific media have been able to cast doubt and attack the integrity and reputation of the FBI), the agents, the DOJ, attorneys for DOJ, the FISA judges, and the FISA judicial process.

Call our institutions, our Constitution and our legal process the swamp. Read and interpret the redacted pages of the FISA report to suit your fancy so your soapbox of judgment will determine your outcome, and if it does not go your way, there will be some left in the herd to manipulate.

The unforgotten unity of Americans during the Pearl Harbor and Twin Towers attacks was monumental. SEEN across nations, mammoth support expanded. What eyes saw, was one prosperous and benevolent country vulnerable to destructive evil. Women and men died, property destroyed, hearts injured. When America gets attacked physically, humans across nations create a bond, reacting to what they witnessed, reacting to how it makes them feel, and reacting to what they saw.

What eyes saw, was one prosperous and benevolent country vulnerable to destructive evil.

Twin Towers 9/11 - Carter Page

Death to America need not be by physical means.  The unseen, the metaphysical, the intangible attacks by spoken words, virtual reality, or cyber-attacks. While our US intelligence agencies have identified Russian assaults on our election grid, one would expect legislators, lawmen and John Q. Public to mount Paul Revere’s horse for a midnight ride up and down the streets of our nation to escalate the warning. The vote of the poorest citizen is the same as the most aristocratic.

Devin Nunes - Carter Page
Devin Nunes (R) CA

However, that has not happened. Private Trump-Putin and Clinton-Lynch meetings do not serve us well.  While politicians and the media inundate Americans with minutia, the Russians keep on rolling, and it does not end there. Cancerous China cultivates its tumor of economic growth and military power.

I found it odd; the North Korean leader received little attention on his trip to China before the US-N Korea summit. I protest too much in believing China controlled the agenda, such as they are strategically controlling all of Asia with military bases, economic power, and political influence.

China Military - Carter Page

I applaud the farmers of America interviewed recently about the trade wars. The handout is unwanted, the money is short term, and futures blurred. How many of us as buyers terminated relationships with suppliers because of lack of inventory or unreliable service?

Farmers said once countries change marketplace to other suppliers, it will be difficult for US farmers to get their foot back in the door. It’s true. Comfort is everyone’s nature, however, we should have a diligent eye on our economy (money), politics, institutions, and security.

I never wish for the US to lose power to any foreign entity. I’d serve at the pleasure of Rob Rosenstein, eat at the pleasure of American farmers and vote “as is” at the pleasure of our Constitution.


Sam Martinez is a retired FBI special agent
and author of
Systemic Evil, Mat Perez vs the FBI


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