Climate Generation Going Vegan To Save Life On Earth

The climate generation (Gen Zs, or under 26s) comprises almost a third of the world’s population. These intrepid kind humans are fighting the climate crisis by ‘taking the rose by the thorn’ and eating plant-based diets to save Mother Earth. Happy dance!

Going Vegan

The purchasing power of the Gen Zs is formidable. It exceeds $3 trillion. Recently, the UK’s BOL Foods became an entirely plant-based company with planet-friendly food for the burgeoning Gen Zs vegans. Additionally, that company is now saving 200 metric tons of CO2 and 1.8 million gallons of water annually.

In 2018, BOL Foods reported that a quarter of the 18-24 year olds have switched to a healthywater-smart vegan lifestyle. Thirty-five percent of the Gen Zs they surveyed were actively seeking out a ‘vegan partner’ for dating. Furthermore, 44 percent of those Gen Zs said that being a vegan is ‘cooler than smoking’.

Going Vegan
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Many Gen Zs love our brethren and sistren, the animals. That’s why 79 percent of them regularly choose meat-free meals as they transition towards becoming full-time vegans.

“The main reason I became vegan was because I see all animals as my friends, and I would not want to eat a pig, just as I would not want to eat a dog. Every animal is a living, breathing and feeling creature that doesn’t want to die,” remarked Isabella Hood, 15, Matakana, New Zealand.

Others, like 8-year-old Vegan Evan, understand the importance of eating plant-based diets for the well-being of the planet because animal agriculture is cooking it alive. “Global heating does scare me. It causes really bad storms and floods in Florida. Part of it [the state] is going underwater soon, and it’s really sad.

 44 percent of Gen Zs said that being a vegan is ‘cooler than smoking’

By the way, Vegan Evan is 100 percent correct. Deforestation to supply more livestock feed (i.e., soybeans) along with animal agriculture creates half of all human-made heat. That heat along with burning wood pellets and fossil fuels is adding the equivalent energy to the oceans of detonating 10 Hiroshima atomic bombs every second of the year. The oceans drive Earth’s climate. Hence we are witnessing a man-made climate catastrophe.

Vegan activist Max Murphy, an 8-year-old from Ontario, Canada, is worried about the future. “Greenhouse gases are going to get too bad from factory farming and gas cars, machines and factories. We might not be able to live on the planet if they don’t change,” he warned.

Going Vegan
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Like many millions of other youngsters, Murphy loves all life forms. “There’s no difference between a dog, cow, pig, or cat. They are all living animals.”

The Gen Zs survival on this planet depends upon maintaining biological diversity and all the major ecological communities (biomes), not subsidizing $1,000,000 a minute of pain-fraught animal factory farms.

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Ninety-six percent of all mammals are now livestock or humans. Just four percent are wild animals. Scandalous.

Farmed caged birds make up 70 percent of all birds left in the world. Cattle, pigs and sheep account for 60 percent of all living mammals. The other 36 percent are humans.

Going Vegan
Bee and hoverfly-pollinated plums are grown on every continent (except Antarctica). They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.
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Livestock uses 83 percent of the farmland to produce a meager 18 percent of the human population’s calories and 37 percent of its protein. Wot!

“We cannot continue killing wild animals, polluting the soils and rivers with animal agriculture runoff, which is deoxygenating and enlarging 530 dead zones in the world’s lakes and oceans. That’s yet another reason why I’m a vegan,” rhapsodized eco-hip hop recording artist, organic gardener, chef, food justice advocate and climate activist, Dr Ietef Vita

In the nick of time, the climate generation is making big changes. Together, they are embracing a planet saving vegan lifestyle.

Consuming less, much less, reusing products, refusing plastics, and eating whole food plant-based diets are the only way that billions of humans can continue to colonize Earth into the second half of the 21st century.

Going Vegan


Dr. Reese Halter

Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster, distinguished conservation biologist and author.
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Going Vegan

Going Vegan

Going Vegan Going Vegan Going Vegan Going Vegan

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