Ecocide: Norway Murders 1278 Climate-Stabilizing Whales

Thirty-nine years ago, the world agreed to end commercial whaling. Only two rogue nations, Japan and Norway, still refuse to abide by the rule of law.

In 2020, Norway’s bloodthirsty whaling armada slaughtered 503 minke whales, 74 more whales than they destroyed in 2019. This year, Norway has issued death warrants for 1,278 minkes. These crazed planet-killers have single-handedly annihilated more than 14,000 wonderful whales over the previous 39 years. What the frack!

End whaling in Norway NOW!
Image credit: Bill Waldeen

Are the Norwegians starving? Is there really a consumer demand to eat our mammalian kith and kin, the whales? No. Instead, these glorious masterpieces are brutally killed and minced into dog food. Wot.

There’s no Norwegian demand for whale meat. So, these diabolical promoters of the Age of Extinction, in cahoots with Norway’s government, have taken a subsidy page out of Japan’s cunning playbook. That is, Oslo is forcing whale meat, which the marketplace won’t buy, into the school’s national lunch program. The leftover whale meat is sent to Japan for dog treats.

Norway killing whales
In 2016, almost two dozen Norwegian sperm whales were stuffed full of plastics and strewn along the North Sea shorelines. 
Image credit: knsnews

The oceans are chockablock with long-lasting pernicious man-made poisons. The whales are showing us that we must immediately stop making these deadly chemicals, and allow the oceans and all life therein a century to heal.

For example, a sperm whale off the coast of Spain swallowed an entire plastic greenhouse, which blocked its digestive tract. It slowly and painfully died from septicemia, or, blood poisoning.

Bloodstreams of other whales are brimming with toxic organophosphates (i.e., herbicides, pesticides, fungicides) and nerve poisons from agricultural runoff. It’s so horrible that the eastern Pacific gray whales ‘stink’ of these poisons. Russians that consume gray whale meat suffer from numbness of the lips, teeth, gums, and two-thirds of their tongues.

Norway killing whales
Half the world’s orcas (the most widespread of all the dolphins) are full of man-made poisons and incapable of reproducing. #AgeOfExtinction
Image credit: Independent

Stacks of reports, from the floor to the ceiling, have recorded whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) loaded with PCBsflame retardantsmethylmercurychromiumfossil fuels, and hundreds of other terrible toxins. (See The Gen Z Emergency for more grisly details).

Why are NorwayJapan and the Danish Faroe islanders feeding their children daily doses of whale meat laced with godawful toxicants? Cry mercy.

Norway killing whales
Humpback male calves, just like adult males, enjoy breaching. It’s fun!
Image credit: Rachelle Mackintosh

I love whales. Every child that I have ever spoken with reveres the whales. They are our oceanic brethren and sistren. 

I love whales. Every child that I have ever spoken with reveres the whales. They are our oceanic brethren and sistren.  Cetaceans do not threaten nor harm mankind. Hence we are obliged to reciprocate peacefully.

The cetaceans, in fact, are helping all life by replenishing the missing 40 percent of phytoplankton, the basis of the marine food web that man-made global heating has disrupted.

Flocculent fecal whale plumes rich with iron and nitrogen are helping to regenerate the plush green oceanic mats of phytoplankton and the Prochlorococcus marinus, or, cyanobacteria, that provides us with about two out of every three breaths of oxygen.

Oh, but there’s so much more that these majestic shepherds of the sea selflessly contribute to keeping this awesome blue planet habitable.

Norway killing whales
Blue whales are the largest animal on the planet, weighing in excess of 200 tons, or,  about 33 African bush elephants.
Image credit: Chase Dekker

The colossal filter feeders like blues, fins, seis, humpbacks, rights, grays, minkes and others, during the course of their lives, remove on average an estimated 33 tons of carbon dioxide. When these tours de force die their carcasses  (known as whale fall) feed quattuordecillion (1 followed by 45 zeros) creatures along the ocean floor. They slowly but surely decompose the whale fall, storing that carbon safely in the seabed for thousands of years or more. Each whale has been likened to an eastern United States deciduous forest of a thousand trees.

Incidentally, the horrific plundering of the whales during the 19th century equates to burning more than 75 million acres of old-growth temperate rainforests, or, about four-and-a-half times the size of the largest remaining temperate rainforest on Earth, America’s Amazon-like Tongas National Forest.

International Monetary Fund economists calculated that the carbon capture role of each whale was worth $2 million. They concluded that the current stock of whales has a total value of $1 trillion. The well-being of the whales ensures the well-being of the Gen Zs (under 26s).

Yet, Norwegian and Japanese penthrite, grenade-tipped torpedo-like harpoons lance and explode into the whales. It’s a pain-inflicting, war mongering deadly rocket. That torturous act of malevolence can last for up to 45 minutes before the gentle giant gasps for its final breath. Globally, abattoir regulations prevent this cruel, harrowing and prolonged form of writhing in pain before death.

So, why does the rest of the world stand by and turn a blind eye to these miscreant countries? Every nation wants more trade. In order to attain it, every country is eager to throw everything in nature, and the Gen Z’s future, under the bus.

Support the vital conservation work of

Shame on Norway. Not only are they a flagrant whale-killing nation, but also, they continue to sell hundreds of quadrants in the Arctic Ocean for oil and gas extraction, which is stoking global heating. Prior to extraction these planet-killers undertake seismic surveys, which deafen 200-year-old bowheads and enigmatic narwhals. A deaf whale is a dead whale. Unacceptable.

Norway killing whales
 Every 10 seconds, nonstop for weeks or months on end, 252 decibels bombards the seabed.
Image credit: Oceana

Refuse to purchase any Norwegian goods or services including patronizing their tourism post COVID-19.

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The 1986 message from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home seems more valid today than ever before: To save Earth, the whales must be totally protected!



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Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster, distinguished conservation biologist and author.
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Norway killing whales

Norway killing whales Norway killing whales Norway killing whales Norway killing whales

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