Denmark’s Horrific Whale Bloodbath

*There is no justification for slowly and diabolically torturing the cetaceans (whales, dolphins porpoises) in the 21st century.

In the midst of an accelerating Sixth Mass Extinction, 400,000 cetaceans are senselessly destroyed each year.

Faroe Islands Whale Bloodbath
This gruesome lust by Faroese for cetacean blood is cruel and inhumane. Photo credit: Alistair Ward, Triangle News

The hideous images of the current Danish Faroe Islands whale bloodbath staining the North Atlantic Ocean are unacceptable.

The insatiable demand for burning more subsidized climate-wrecking fossil fuels has super charged the oceans with heat. It has significantly disrupted cold currents from upwelling and thereby carrying iron and nitrogen, the fertilizer for phytoplankton.

Phytoplankton is the basis of the entire marine web of life. Phytoplankton and blue green bacteria provide us with almost two out of every three breaths of oxygen.The oceans are missing 40 percent of the phytoplankton because they have absorbed about 93 percent of all fossil fuel heat since the Industrial Revolution.  Fossil fuels have robbed Earth’s atmospheric oxygen. Since the 1980s, oxygen levels have plummeted.

Tumbling oxygen levels disrupt, among other things, human sleep patterns. 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorder. Lack of sleep results in $411 billion in lost U.S. production annually. Inadequate sleep over long periods of time is linked to premature death.

Sperm whale fecal plume
A sperm whale fertilizing the sea. Photo credit: Keri Wilk

Cetaceans are farmers of the sea. Their flocculent fecal plumes are rich in iron and nitrogen. The cetaceans are helping our mother, Nature, by re-growing the missing phytoplankton.

All living cetaceans are priceless masterpieces. No whales, no phytoplankton, no oxygen, no life. Cetaceans require immediate and total protection.


Since 2008, the chief Faroe Islands medical officer has warned his people not to consume the cetaceans because they are laced with lethal persistent organic pollutants, including PCBs, methylmercury, DDT.

The cetaceans are laced with lethal persistent organic pollutants.”

For a decade the Faroese have disregarded this science and continued to feed their children poisons. Insanity.

The oceans are brimming with as many as 51 trillion pieces of petroleum-based subsidized plastics. Plastics are perfect sponges that attract poisons, which all sea life are exposed to. Humans manufacture 250 billion metric tons of manmade poisons annually.

When humans eat apex predators like cetaceans those poisons bio-magnify thousands of times up the food chain.

Slaughtering Whales - Faroe Islands Whale Bloodbath
The barbaric and savage slaying of cetaceans by bloodthirsty crazed Faroese men. Photo credit: YouTube

The Faroese are contaminated from consuming cetaceans, especially over the previous 10 years. This contamination has enhanced their vile and deranged bloodlust for the cetaceans.

Cetaceans intend mankind no harm. It’s long overdue for Denmark to end this psychotic slashing and stabbing of our sentient and intelligent oceanic mammalian kin.

In this accelerated manmade climate crisis, it’s time for all of us to switch to a whole food plant-based diet. It’s water–smarteasyhealthy and above all compassionate.

The fate of humanity depends upon saving the cetaceans. We must protect our brethren now!

It’s up to each of us to save our mother, Nature. Boycott all products and services from Denmark and its Faroe Islands. Do not visit Denmark nor patronize its tourism.

Sea Shepherd

Support the direct-action conservation movement Sea Shepherd because they protect our friends, the cetaceans.




Dr. Reese Halter

Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster, distinguished conservation biologist and author.

Dr Reese Halter’s latest book is
Love! Nature

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