Poisoned Great Barrier Reef, Gruesome Green Turtles


I was taught to respect my elders. The world’s largest coral reef system, or, the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), is about 8,000 old. It is sacred, yet it has been horribly abused. Consequently, the GBR is terminally ill.

Great Barrier Reef
Burning fossil fuels and wood pellets and the resultant increased marine heatwaves are sweeping the planet and laying waste to reefs. Coral graveyards are expanding at a terrorsome rate. 
Image credit: Brett Monroe Garner

For twenty years, the Australian federal and state governments have hurried its demise. That means more than 5,500 glorious species, including orange-spotted filefish, scalloped hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, green sea turtles and so many others, have been evicted.




Great Barrier Reef
Mass bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef occurred in 2016, 2017 and 2020.
Image credit: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

As if the long lasting marine heatwaves of 2016, 2017 and 2020 were not deadly enough, the decades of man-made poisons are the bitter end.

Globally, the chemical onslaught is gobsmacking. Every six seconds a new chemical is registered; 15,000 new man-made horrendous chemicals daily. Right now in Australia, there are at least 150,000 known chemicals in use.

Within the Coral Sea, along the northeast coast of Australia, the breathtaking GBR spans more than 1,600 miles. Those reefs rely upon the shoreline sea grass meadows, salt marshes and mangroves (Earth’s ‘kidneys’) to intercept and retain any toxic land runoff. Sea grasses provide food and habitat for many of our marine brethren and sistren. Those lush grass roots also stabilize the sea bottom. They store mega amounts of carbon that are safeguarded by sharks.

Great Barrier Reef
Coastal habitats store ~50 percent of the carbon buried in all ocean sediments (25 billion metric tons). Sharks keep populations of the marine grazers in-check. If just 1% of this vegetation is lost, 460 million metric tons of carbon dioxide would be released – the equivalent emissions of 97 million cars.
Image credit: James Woodford

Accelerated land clearing, intensive agriculture, increased extreme rain events, cyclonesmarine heatwavescoal super portsdumping millions of tons of dredge spoils and mining for sand have weakened, poisoned and destroyed the ‘kidneys’.

What happens in Australia, doesn’t stay in Australia!

Terrifyingly, the Coral seafloor is brimming with 50 years of man-made poisons. Since 2001, we have known about this wicked chemical plight. The giant dugongs (sea cows) that evolved to shepherd the Coral Sea meadows are mostly gone. No food. No dugongs.

Great Barrier Reef
Dugongs are timid plant-grazing marine mammals.
Image credit: World Wide Fund For Nature

Now it is the few remaining endangered green turtles that are chockablock with flame retardants, dioxins, furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (petroleum), plastics (petroleum), sunscreens, sewage, industrial adhesives, sealants and lubricants, household cleaners, painkillers, heart and kidney stone medicines, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, anti-fouling paints, cocainemethamphetamine (crystal meth), cobaltantimonymanganese and 4,000 other known man-made chemicals. Staggeringly, GBR green turtle blood serum contains the backbone of another estimated 100,000 man-made chemicals, many of which are unknown to the toxicology labs.

Great Barrier Reef
In 2018, many hundreds of unrecognized halogenated chemicals were discovered in polar bear blood samples. One hundred chemicals were brand new, never before reported in science. 
Image credit: Phil Dalton

Oh, by the way at the top of the world, the Canadian Arctic polar bears are suffering from the same godawful man-made carcinogenic pollution.

Great Barrier Reef
Fibropapillomatosis is caused by the herpes virus and results in lesions all over the turtle’s body.  When the lesions enter the eyes the turtles are unable to see predators. 
Image credit: Karina Jones

To witness these exquisite marine mariners full of cancerherpesmalformed lungs along with missing eyes and front flippers is absolutely gut-wrenching. Our oceanic Aussie brothers and sisters are facing local extinction.

Great Barrier Reef
Some of the tumors of the green turtles can be as large as a softball.
Image credit: James Cook University

What happens in Australia, doesn’t stay in Australia!

Great Barrier Reef
Green turtles are the second largest of all sea turtles, weighing up to 350 pounds. They are plant-eaters. Sea grasses and algae are their main food source.
Image credit: Griffith University

This much we do know with certainty. Each of us has a hand in either saving what is left of the wild planet by consuming much less, or hastening the destruction, of our only home, by consuming more. Which choice do you intend upon supporting?











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