Psychopathic Danish Dolphin-Killers

*The cruel, violent rampage against the dolphins began early this year on New Year’s Day.

Those who willingly inflict torture and excruciating pain against our brethren, the cetaceans, are criminal planet-killers. Image credit:

The dolphins intend Man no harm. Yet, each year, the bloodthirsty crazed Faroese stain the coves and shorelines of their far North Atlantic islands with our brethren’s mammalian blood.

The barbaric hunts, known as grindadráp, are shockingly gruesome. They are illegal in the European Union (EU), but the Faroese do not abide by this EU law. Instead, they seek cover beneath Denmark’s umbrella when it suits them.

This deviant and abhorrent brutality against the dolphins is repugnant. Image credit:

Each year, Denmark incurs millions of euros of debt by sending a naval vessel along with Danish police to oversee the Faroese savagely hacking and slaying defenseless screaming dolphins.

Icelandic planet-killer Kristian Loftsson murders endangered fin whales and then sells them to Japan for dog food. Image credit:

Allow me to remind you that Earth, our only home, is in an ecological emergency. One in four species are facing extinction. Horrifically, 400,000 cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) are annually suffocated.

dolphin killers
Each time a Faroese ruthlessly slits the throat of an Atlantic white-sided dolphin, they violate all Gen Zs birthrights to a healthy ocean. Image credit:

Each senseless dolphin death impoverishes the sea. It is ecocide. That means the Faroese are robbing the future from two billion gen Zs, or, youth under 24 years-old.


The Faroese do not own the North Atlantic nor our brethren, the dolphins.

Each senseless dolphin death impoverishes the sea. It is ecocide.

By the way, 11 years ago the chief Faroese Medical Officer warned the islanders that the dolphins were contaminated with deadly Man-made poisons including PCBs and methylmercury. He cautioned them not to feed their children dolphin meat because of the known carcinogenic and other health debilitating consequences of swallowing these poisons.

dolphin killers
Teaching children violence begets more violence. Knowingly feeding children poisons ensures a lifetime of suffering. Image credit:

Our intrepid friends at the direct-action conservation movement, Sea Shepherd UK, have fearlessly documented these heinous atrocities against the North Atlantic dolphins.

Since 2009, a total of 7,744 small cetaceans of 5 different species have been stabbed to death along the shores of the Faroe Islands in vile grindadráp hunts. Over the previous 50 years, 58,897 cetaceans of at least 6 species have been mutilated.

Following the 2018 campaign, Sea Shepherd UK offered a conditional financial incentive to the Faroese of €1,000,000, over 10 yearly instalments of €100,000, if zero cetaceans were hunted in the Faroe Islands. They rejected this offer.

The diabolical war against Nature and the long-finned pilots and Atlantic white-sided dolphins must end. These masterpieces have just as much right to live on this blue planet as Man does.

Ecologically, the cetaceans are vital to our continued existence.

Image credit: Scrips Oxygen Program

93 percent of all fossil fuel heat is stored in the oceans. That heat has prevented cold currents from surfacing and carrying a rich array of phosphorus and nitrogen to fertilize the phytoplankton, or, the base of the entire marine food web. Fossil fuel heat has killed 40 percent of Earth’s phytoplankton.

Plush green mats of oceanic phytoplankton along with cyanobacteria, called prochlorococcus, provide us with almost two of every three breaths of oxygen.

Accelerating fossil fuel combustion along with an estimated 51 trillion pieces of subsidized petroleum-based plastics has caused the dramatic decline of atmospheric oxygen.

Ladies and gentlemen, the cetaceans are oxygen farmers. Their flocculent fecal plumes, or, pooh, is loaded with phosphorus and nitrogen. The cetaceans are helping to replenish the missing phytoplankton and accompanying prochlorococcus. Every remaining cetacean is priceless. They are all so worthy of our protection!

Until the grindadráps end, refuse to visit the Faroe Islands. Support Sea Shepherd UK because they are protecting the dolphins from these deranged Danes.

dolphin killers
End your war against Nature, Denmark. Image credit:

It’s high time to end this horrible destruction of the Atlantic dolphins. Humanity requires more oxygen not more gut-wrenching bloody violence.











Dr. Reese Halter

Dr Reese Halter is an award-winning broadcaster, distinguished conservation biologist and author.

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