The Crippling Impact of email Loss in 2023

Let’s face it; everything we do is interconnected with our email and digital identity in 2023.  The cost of email loss can vary depending on several factors, i.e. the specific type of data lost, the business or individuals quantity of records compromised, the difficulty of recovering or recreating the lost data, etc.

There are other underlying costs to information loss as well, for example:

  • Lost productivity- which may lead to substantial opportunity cost
  • Recovery and recreation costs If the lost dispatch data cannot be recovered through backups, and data recovery services are needed.
  • Legal and regulatory issues may arise through the inability to provide required documentation.

Email loss can occur due to a variety of reasons including server error, or cyber-attacks.  Typically, providers would be expected to maintain robust systems and redundancies to prevent loss and ensure the integrity records and data they maintain.  Still, users who don’t regularly archive their emails or who don’t scrutinize emails for authenticity or employ other security practices may be at risk emails and access.

Archiving and regularly archiving or creating backups can offer several benefits, including:

  1.  Data preservation: Emails can contain important information to be saved for personal, record-keeping, legal or compliance reasons.
  2. Disaster recovery: Backups can be used to recover data in case of a disaster, i.e., server failure, natural disaster, or cyberattack. Having a backup ensures that critical data isn’t lost.
  3. Storage: Archiving emails can help manage space in accounts and increase speed and operation of applications. By archiving aged emails that are no longer needed on a regular basis, users can free up space and reduce costs. 
  4. Retrieval of lost or deleted emails: Backups can also help recoup lost or accidentally deleted emails. This can be especially useful in legal or compliance situations where an organization may need to recall specific records.
  5. Historical analysis: Email Archives can also for research of historical items or issues, or for maintaining priceless personal records.

Consider the benefits of backups and protection compared to the potential cost of a failure or loss. Many resources are available on the market to optimize internal resources and ensure availability and accessibility of information; both email and otherwise.  Among these is CloudHQ, a leading provider of cutting-edge cloud applications for individual and businesses with over 60 productivity applications.

Here’s to wishing you a productive and protected digital experience!

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