Cuomo & Nixon – 2 Toxic Tickets for New York

*Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on Wednesday said, while addressing an audience on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, “We’re not going to make America great again,” adding “It was never that great.

His challenger in the empire state’s Democratic primary, Cynthia Nixon (of Sex and the City fame) stated that the governor seems to struggle with ‘how progressives speak’.

Well, Nixon would do well to understand that most progressives do not have the clarity of mind that she does, and that this is exactly how most progressives do speak.

For her to go on record with the ‘promise of America’ as that which is actually great is only really echoing what her opponent was indicating in the first place, so let’s not offer a collective hooray for the actress as she nips at the heels of a man who, in reality, thinks and says as she and her ilk do on the continuum. Indeed, Cuomo quickly added that “We will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women….is gone.

Hmm, that was probably just an add-on for the man as he realized in a flash that his female challenger would instantly be all over the quip.  In any case, the notion that America was never great to begin with is an overarching mindset of all liberals, and their thinking is that President Trump is more about white male privilege and dominance, and is thus bringing the country back to a Jim Crow and white superiority type feel, and that this is regressing, while they want us to be progressing.

And so it goes.

President Trump and Republican Leadership

Meanwhile, making America great again has nothing at all to do with any of what the liberal left, including the likes of Cuomo and Nixon, make it out to be, anyway.  Donald Trump’s mission statement is being met, met by way of regaining economic health, by way of reestablishing America’s prominence on the world stage, that, with all shades of all colors of all political stripes, and of both genders, in control of its government.  The Cuomo remark, and his ultra progressive opponent’s retort to it, are ultimately telltale about the Democratic Party itself, and how the leaders of that party view our nation.  In actuality, many of the men and women who are leaders of the Democratic Party of this age, day and era, do see the grand story of American greatness as a false narrative.


The sentiment is that America is really only a place where the white man came and stole the land from the red man and then built it all up on the backs of black slaves, while demeaning women.


People like these two, a governor and a nominee to replace him on that party line, of a major US State, do not understand the greatness of this country at all.  They do not understand that those are two chapters, not in a book, but in a whole series of books in which we stormed the beaches of Normandy, played a primary role in stopping Hitler, rebuilt all of Europe, and Japan too, with these as but just a few examples of the greatness and exceptionalism of America.  What’s worse is that they don’t get the fact that those two chapters that they fixate on are no where near as simple as they’re made out to be, either.

If the pilgrims had touched down somewhere other than at Plymouth Rock they’d very likely have been slaughtered outright, just as warrior tribes were slaughtering each other on the regular before Columbus, or the pilgrims a century or so later, ever got here.

If all native tribes on this continent were the peace-loving types, like the Cherokee, there would never have been the Indian Wars.  This is not to suggest that all white people who arrived here were pure as the driven snow, and is not to minimize events like the “Trail of Tears”.  Evil white people did come here and cause great harm to peace loving natives, no doubt, but they were by far the minority, and disgust most any white person today as we look back on them.

The white people who came to the “New World” were risking everything to simply find a better place to build their family trees, to escape religious persecution, to live free.  And let us not forget, either, that squaws were not on an equal playing field to the braves of their tribes, not for a minute.  For those of the liberal movement who want to wring their hands over the treatment of ‘native Americans”, they can wring, wring, wring away.  In the end, it is tomfoolery, and the feeling of white guilt is far too shallow and one dimensional an indulgence for more thoughtful minds, and is beneath what it is to be an American.


The Trump movement is not at all unlike what we saw with Ronald Reagan, and there’s a man who sure let us all know, constantly, just how just great this country really is.”

President Trump - Cuomo and Nixon
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As to building this country up on the backs of black slaves, a notion which almost any liberal immediately signs on to, and has hate for men like Donald Trump accordingly, and for the country itself, it’s foolish to keep it there, and just as inane to blame America herself for second class citizenship for people of color.  To begin with, the vast majority, around 98%, of white people did not own slaves on American soil.  Not only that, but many Americans who “purchased” their slaves did so to save them from the slave trade, and treated them well on their plantations.  There was most certainly never a crack of the whip at Thomas Jefferson’s place, or at those of any of the founders of this great nation.

People like Cuomo and Nixon, in other words many, if not most, Democrats, automatically use Jefferson and other founding fathers as a great example of hypocrisy.  They do so without so much as a moment’s thought to such probabilities that those men were getting slaves safely to their homes so as to spare them the atrocity of being whipped in barns, forced to work around the clock, and so on.  Slavery was a centuries and centuries old institution before this country was ever founded, and of course it hit our shores upon the birth of a new nation.  The shallowness of the Democratic Party as a whole on the issue of African Americans is dwarfed by the real narrative of how this country handled the matter.

For instance, our second president in, John Adams, gave beautifully eloquent speeches on the issue of slavery, and his writings were read the world over, helping to propel a rebuke of the horrid and evil institution of human slavery outside of our borders.  The Cynthia Nixons and Andrew Cuomos of this world are ignorant asses on such things, don’t even give a thought to it.

And a handful of presidents later, with Abraham Lincoln, we ended it all.”
Abraham Lincoln - Cuomo and Nixon

This is the country that stepped up and shed the blood for blacks, no matter which whites were complicit to evil on this soil.

How about all those white people who fought and died in the American Civil War, killed their own blood over this here?
Do those whites count?
You bet they do.


How about all those white people who risked, and often sacrificed, everything

Do those whites count?
You bet they do.

Not to a great many Democrats they don’t, unfortunately, but to clear minded Americans with an ounce of perspective, this all makes the KKK look like the imbeciles that they were, which is why they are on that ash heap of history.

White Americans send their white children to black educators, put them in the care of black nannies, get pulled over by black law enforcement officers, go before black judges and under the knives of black surgeons, admire black athletes and entertainers, see photos of black astronauts, go to church with black neighbors, enjoy the camaraderie of black coworkers, vote for black mayors (many thousands of black mayors of US cities), voted in Barack Obama as the 44th American President and otherwise live their lives in a way that far and away transcends the nastiness of that handful of whites who enslaved and otherwise mistreated blacks. It’s too bad, and profoundly sad, that so many Democratic politicians have not moved on, have not joined the rest of us here in this 21st century.

Dr. Ben Carson - - Cuomo and Nixon

And for those who have never been proud of their country, white or black, the American Civil Rights movement should do us all proud.  Massive, sweeping, landmark legislation passed, mostly by white people, one legislative victory after another, after another, after another.  This is the country that gave the platform for that spectacular movement, that therefore met its promise (how about that, Nixon?), and to run around out here as if that never happened, to not extol the virtues of the Civil Rights Era, at all, ever, is to live an asinine existence.

Such an existence is one that the likes of one Donald John Trump looks at as far too stupid and one dimensional, and that the likes of any Trump supporter does, too, of which there are tens of millions.  All decent and clear-thinking Democrats should take a hard look at the Cuomo and Nixon show, and take a good look at this clown that Cuomo gets into constant pissing matches with, Mayor Bill de Blasio, while you’re at it.  Come to realize that it’s all indicative of what’s become of your party.  Come up with candidates who know far better than to say that America was never great, or hasn’t met its promise, based on such shallow thinking as that of today’s leading Democrats on issues of “social justice”, which has become code for “to hell with the whites,” at least the Republican ones.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was signing a bill dealing with human trafficking when he spat out his rebuke of our nation.  Seems ironic that he is only one of a good many Americans who are tackling that issue, with most others probably far more sincere than he, as he bashed the country.  Our nation is grounded not only in greatness, but a greatness that exceeds that of any other nation in human history, and battling human trafficking, and the sale of children into the sex slave trade, is but one crystallization of that fact.

This is apparently lost on the governor, his primary opponent, and most Democratic candidates for and holders of public office.

As President Trump restores America’s greatness, so horribly tarnished and diminished by his Democrat predecessor in the American White House, a place where low life people now think that they can secretly tape conversations, we should all recoil from men like Andy Cuomo, and be part of a groundswell of renewed enthusiasm for our president. The Trump movement is not at all unlike what we saw with Ronald Reagan, and there’s a man who sure let us all know, constantly, just how just great this country really is.

It is clear that America is a great country, even if many people are not.  It is just as clear that some millionaire blowhard in New York State, and a pretty mediocre governor of it, is not, no matter how many campaign ads he runs to make New York residents think he is or ever was.

He isn’t a great governor at all, not by a long shot.



~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold



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