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A government that exists of, by, for and through its people, and at the same time stands as a land of law, not of men, is as difficult a thing to manage as it gets, and no where is this more onerous than on the issue of guns in America.  Common sense solutions to gun violence are at hand, but stomping out into the public arena with such blinding chicanery and political opportunism as seen with anti-gun Democrats, on a continuum, gets directly in the way of those common sense solutions we all should seek in compromise and unity.


For David Hogg to be held up as a poster child of choice for gun control, at the hands of puppet masters with axes to grind, is a terrible mistake, and a readily identifiable one.


By directly attacking an American President and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces on such a preeminent and potentially dangerous issue as Iran, by way of propping up and trotting out someone so far out of his league it hurts to watch, done with such vitriol, disdain and mockery of the office of the presidency, ought to sound a death knell for such activism, activism that uses death tolls strictly for political benefit.

Shamefully, there is no shame, as anti-Trump leaders have used something as gut-wrenching as the Stoneman Douglass High School shooting as a tool with which to bash a sitting American President with Hogg on their strings, and going so far as the reprehensible act of taking a US warning to Iran and sneeringly striking out at our own leader with his own tweet.  Those handlers of his appear to have frontal lobes as undeveloped as the Hogg and all teens do.

Using this teenager as a pawn immediately upon that mass shooting, and now halfway into the successor’s first term, while engaging in no raucous or artistic protests during the eight years of the previous administration, should outrage any decent minded, intellectually honest citizen who sincerely cares, as President Trump does, about lessening gun violence and saving lives, particularly those of children.

And for a bratty little punk with no real depth at all to be so readily embraced as some sort of spokesman for an important cause, solely as a consequence of his having been at and survived a mass shooting, even as he engages in such a dishonorable act, is a spit in the sympathetic eyes of a nation.  That sympathy and empathy for this little man should stop now, should stop at unseemly antics, and insult arbitrarily hurled at our President.

Protests - Hogg Wild

The young Mr. Hogg is not as much in a lead role on the poster board of anti-gun proponents as he is on that of the radical left that has all but taken over the Democratic party, and viciously hate all Republicans, with the current president front and center.

That this guy’s ignominious behavior has gone largely unreported in media circles raises troubling questions.  How could it be that this loud a voice on such an important issue as gun rights/gun control, with national attention, could behave in such a contemptible way toward a US President, by hijacking a warning tweet directed at a country that repeatedly has called for the annihilation of another country, Israel, would not be called out automatically, along with his handlers?

This should be front page news, across the nation, not as much as it relates to Hogg, but as it relates to those handlers, their financial support, and their trickery, deceit and constant lies designed to trick our citizenry into hating President Trump right along with them.  Hell, these people are of the same ilk as those who have been digging deep, deep, deeply for over two years to find anything they can get their hands on to destroy an American President, with the only thing having come of it all being a couple of hussies being paid nuisance fees in order to avoid embarrassment for a playboy billionaire’s wife.

And they’re, of course, still at it

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort are being raked over the coals, and for what?  Could it be for evil’s sake?  Is it just petty politics?  Do many people among the American electorate even care, whatsoever, that Donald Trump had sex with a couple of bombshells years before running for president, or that he wanted to spare his wife the embarrassment of wearing it all on his sleeve in public?

Michael Cohen
President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen leaves Federal Court in April 2018

Of course not, no where near enough people care for it to be headline news.  In any case, perhaps CNN should have David Hogg on one if its shows to discuss the Meuller investigation, while they’re at it.  He would have about as much legitimacy on the subject as he does on gun violence, and as the so-called legal investigation itself does.

No, little twerps with large followings based on traumatic events should not be able to lash out at leaders with impunity when there is no weight behind what they are saying.

It is clear as day that what David Hogg did on social media was degrading to the highest office in this land, with an outright threat against a president included, and it is just as clear that the anti-gun movement should be discredited as a result of the act.

David Hogg

If we, as a people, want to have a serious national conversation about how to protect our children, and ourselves, against gun violence, we cannot ignore such things as these.  To do so is akin to ignoring a sassy little child shrieking at and punching on an elderly grandparent who didn’t give him the piece of candy that he demanded, or a horrid one killing the neighbor’s cat.

And to do so, to ignore and pay no mind at all to such antics as Hogg’s tweet aimed at our president, is to essentially aid and abet a sizable number of people who hate this president even more than they did the last Republican President, George W Bush, and who attack him with vicious lies on all issues. Hate filled people who lie at every turn cannot win the day.

The Washington, DC crowd needs to come to realize real fast, and once and for all, that President Donald J Trump does not have the same kick the can down the road mentality that they’ve luxuriated in on way too many issues for way too long, decades.  This is as hands on and proactive a president as we’ve ever seen, and have had the good fortune of managing to elect, and when snide and contemptuous behavior directed at him and his office goes overlooked, and when powers that are that offer only venom and nasty little lies for and about him are enabled by way of apathy and ignorance, good men like Donald Trump can get hurt.

As to those in our country who cringe at the notion that Trump is a good man, it would be wise to take a good, hard look at the company that they themselves are in, that being the likes of Antifa, and the likes of an opportunistic little creep like David Hogg.

Donald Trump is a churlish, rude, ill-mannered and discourteous man

at exact moments of his choosing, for his own exact reasons, but none of that actually matters in the end.  Substance over style is important in global leadership, and such tremendously effectual leadership as he has exhibited should at least be rewarded with some modicum of acknowledgement, and with all of our full support within the context of pathetic pot shots fired at him by bad actors who so obviously and continuously lie.

And, yes, President Bush was viciously attacked every day, too, to the point that his father was brought to tears, so it’s pretty obviously only about hatred of Republicans, anyway.  In the final analysis, Donald Trump is just a symptom of a problem, that problem being that George H W Bush never got the kinder and gentler nation he plead for, and his son, whose countenance was exactly opposite Trump’s, and who was of presidential parlance, sure as hell didn’t either.

The problem is left wing lies, violence and hatred, the symptom of which having become an overly brash and cocksure president, who also now happens to be the cure.

During his presidential campaign Donald Trump said loudly and on many occasions “at least for a while”, referring to the need of that brazen and pushy style in the American White House.  That while will be eight years, and Mike Pence is highly likely to run an effective enough campaign in 2024 to take full advantage of the long coattails Trump will by then have left for him.

In the meantime, in the era of Trump, vehement anti-gun Americans ought to cool their heels and formulate a strategy that we all can get behind to whatever extent in order to contain horrific gun violence as best as humanly possible.

Having people like David Hogg running around out here with his cheap shot nonsense, and giggles all around among those who hate this president for doing so, is not helpful.  And neither are Republicans who ignore such cheap shots, and who continue to refuse to get behind this president.

President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan

Indeed, if Ronald Reagan, with his masterful charm offensive, was an enormous steel wire cable that weaved and swayed with the times, Donald Trump is now the gigantic cement buttress that that steel wire cable is attached to.  There is a towering fortress behind it, with a good many American Flags waving high, and any and all Republican lawmakers and politicos had better look like being on the right side of that buttress come 2020.  They can otherwise find themselves in league with the execrable likes of this David Hoog, and Brennen, Comey, H. Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and so many others who will hate any Republican through and through no matter what hand-wringing they express over President Donald Trump.

The need for all good Americans to support their president is as reflected in the fact that this lightweight nobody has such money and attention showered on him, with what he did in that tweet as modus operandi for the whole lot of them, as any other thing.

In these turbulent times, times of full reverse from the awful policies of the 44th US President that saw the Middle East burst into flames, a refuge crises on an epic scale, a US Ambassador thrown to the pits of hell in Benghazi, Libya, N Korea launching massive, powerful rockets at will, and a doubling of the national debt in a few short years, to name just a few horrors, as that president ran around smiling ear to ear regularly, demand that we ostracize those who hate a president who’s succeeding nicely in his mission statement, to make our country whole, to make it great again.

The David Hoggs of this world never knew it was great to begin with.



~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


David Hogg David Hogg David Hogg David Hogg

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