Trump Impeachment – The Establishment’s Double Standard

*After bang, bang, bang, bang banging, bang banging away for two years, those who viciously hate the current Republican US President, Donald Trump, have come up with an aging porn queen, a smarmy and cowardly lawyer not savvy enough to know where his bread was ultimately buttered, a man who helped lead the Trump campaign for under a year, and whose troubles have nothing at all to do with Russia, or Trump, a guy with space aliens and six-headed monsters for “news items” who’s sought immunity from the dirty deeds of Trump haters, and a handful of indicted Russians (Mother Russia is well known and admired for its cooperativeness in extradition, after all).  And for having dug these things up by way of their two-year-long daily trolling for dirt, these people are smugly smiling into cameras using words like “scandal”, “impeachable”, “unfit” and so on, while rank and file liberals jump for joy. Thinking that this will all ruin President Trump, however, is as laughable as the notion that the National Enquirer is a journalistic enterprise, or that much of anything in print and electronic media are anymore either, for that matter.

In reality, none of what has been unearthed, and none of what may spawn out of it all in the months ahead, is likely to even come close to bringing President Trump down and will, instead, just continue to piss him the hell off, and the tens of millions of decent patriotic Americans who support him, too.

Clinton Impeachment - Washington Post
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If the Democrats, by some demonic device, win the upcoming midterms, and seek impeachment, it’ll be as obvious a case of sheer politics (and nasty, filthy, dirty politics) as we have ever seen, given that everyone knows there’s virtually no chance at all of conviction in the US Senate.  Even President Clinton, who was indicted in the House for the same reason he was disbarred, that’s disbarred, survived the process, as a damn perjurer.

President Trump fights the deep state of corruption and malfeasance head on, it’s about time someone did, as he stomps a hard foot at the Military Industrial Complex, and if the Washington elitist establishment crowd were to go for his jugular with enough Republicans on board to even think they have a chance at impeachment, then all would be lost.  There is nothing even remotely legitimate for them to hang their hat on for that impeachment and this political outsider, who won the presidency, will win the day if there remains any decency in our nation’s capital, and we pretty much all have to suppose that there does.

They have little chance of stopping President Trump and the magnificent work he has underway on behalf of us all.  What is worse than what the political class and media outlets have been ruthlessly doing to this president, and trying to do, though, is what they ignored altogether during the Clinton and Obama eras. Perhaps we need a little refresher here in the context of glaring hypocrisy, monstrous behavior and cold-blooded calculation so unbecoming of the fourth estate, and of the “honorable” gentlemen and gentlewomen of Washington, DC.

During the Obama era we saw trillions of US taxpayer dollars disappear, poof.  And let us be real clear here, it was TARP that saved us from the edge of economic disaster, not back to back to back to back trillion dollar spending bills, uh, no (Obama squawked about what he’d inherited multiple times, yet it was TARP).  Dirty politicians lined their pockets, enriched themselves, big time, particularly in the first two years of Obama, Pelosi, Reid.  Pet projects abounded, wallets were fattened, waste, fraud and abuse skyrocketed, with those trillions of our dollars up for grabs, as our infrastructure worsened with nary a shovel-ready job to be found.

[Under Obama] We saw a doubling of the national debt in a few short years in the process, losing us our AAA rating.  In short, they plundered the treasury, and no one even blinked about it.

Presidential Debt
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There were no consequences.


Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens
Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

During the Obama era we saw the IRS target groups with words like ‘patriot’ and ‘liberty’ in their names so as to deny them 501 C3 status, a despicable act and horrible abuse of power.  Again, there were no consequences.  During the Obama era we saw border agent Brian A Terry gunned down fast and furiously by a firearm sold to Mexican drug cartels by the Obama White House.  Here again, there were no consequences.

During the Obama era we saw a United States Ambassador thrown straight to the wolves in Benghazi, Libya, lie after lie told as to why that consulate was attacked, and more lies as to why Ambassador Stevens couldn’t be saved from a brutal death.  So, then, the 44th American President was waken from his sleep, and then was walked into the Situation Room, where he watched, real time, live, as US Ambassador Christopher Stevens begged and begged for his life, being beaten to a bloody pulp, and then Obama went straight back to bed.  Oh, ho hum, off to some political fundraiser a few hours later in Vegas, with those obvious lies told on the continuum.

That was the first United States Ambassador murdered since 1979. 

There were no consequences.

During the Obama era we saw the Middle East go right up in flames.  It was Obama who lit the match.  Utter chaos, mayhem, blood everywhere, heads getting chopped off all over the place, war, millions dead.  Millions dead, caused by Obama.  Millions more running for their lives all over the Middle East, in an epic scale human refuge crises, caused by Obama. That human refuge crises slammed smack into Europe, caused by Obama, sitting in the Oval Office.  During the Obama era we lost Iraq, so valiantly fought for, Iraq, with three historical national elections.  Iraq, with Ministers of everything under the sun, Finance, Education, Environment, you name it, in a fledgling parliamentary system, Sunni and Shia working hand in hand.  Iraq, where we were in mop up mode militarily speaking.

Under Obama we lost it all, and under Obama those millions upon millions of people died and were chased from their homelands by bloodthirsty marauders.  Yet, you’d be hard pressed to find one media personality, or one Democratic politician, say a word about any of it.

There were no consequences.

And now, those same people who turned a blind eye to all of that, with this all as just for starters as it relates to the horrors of the Obama years, turn around and shriek “someone sat with a Russian somewhere, get Trump”.  Never Trump Republicans ought to hang their heads in shame.

President Trump fights the deep state of corruption and malfeasance head on, it’s about time someone did…”
President Trump and Republican Leadership - Article: Impeachment

Any intellectually honest, decent, patriotic American citizen should be outraged by the juxtaposition of cover ups for one president, and digging away for any speck of dirt that can be found on another.  In the end it is not about Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Green Party or Tea Party.  It is about the Republic itself, lies and deceit, trickery and duplicity, skulduggery and subterfuge, with the end goal being anything but good for America, or for every day Americans. And it is about truth and veracity about it all, now, with Trump in high office.  The question as to why these people behave in this way, why they are so obviously such horribly bad actors, can only be answered with a head scratch, or an assertion that evil, sinister, nefarious forces are afoot, with President Donald John Trump now their foil.

Another person dug up by Mueller and the media, so as to attack and besmirch President Trump, is one Karen McDougal.  That Donald Trump had an extra marital affair with a playboy playmate as a private citizen is between him and his wife, but if we wanna talk McDougal, well, here’s a McDougal for you: James McDougal.

Jim McDougal - Article: Impeachment
James McDougal

This is a man who was jailed as a result of the Whitewater Investigation, an actual legal proceeding looking into real corruption, not some fishing expedition/witch hunt.  James and Linda McDougal, husband and wife, were connected for many years to Bill Clinton.  That investigation turned up enough evidence to jail them both, jailed for direct complicity involving real corruption and a sitting US President.  Mr. McDougal was then set to testify as star witness against that president, that’s star witness against a sitting president.  In the media it was all but James McWho?  Then, he turned up dead in his jail cell the night before he was set to testify.

Dead, in his jail cell, as a star witness against a US President, and no one even knows his name.

Perhaps it is time for President Trump to really take off the gloves.  Let us exhume the remains of James McDougal, have a nice little sit down with his widow. So, then, it’s a safe bet that there will be no star witness set to testify against President Trump with damning evidence turning up dead in a jail cell, and while we’re at it, it’s a pretty safe bet that Donald Trump’s top legal adviser wont turn up on a park bench, propped up for discovery, with his brains blown the hell out of his head either.  It is still a safer bet that if that were to occur it’s all the media and Democrats would be screaming about.  Of course, when it was Bubba’s guy, Vince Foster, it was “nothing to look at here folks, just a suicide, move along, move along”.  Perhaps we should reopen that investigation, too, after all, there is no statute of limitations on murder.  Clearly Mr. Foster did not shoot himself in the head, then park himself on that bench.  Who moved the corpse?

And just what did happen to Ron Brown, President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce?  Under fire, he said if he went down he wouldn’t go down alone.  Well, he sure didn’t go down alone, there were over a dozen men and women in uniform that went down with him in that plane crash.

President Clinton & Secretary Ron Brown - Article: Impeachment
Bill Clinton & Ron Brown

Ron Brown’s skull is likely still in tact, let’s take a look, is there a bullet hole in it or not?  Or is that coffin filled with sand?  How about the Sheriff of Little Rock, AK, a town where indictments were being handed out like candy?  So, a man hired to uphold the law there violently broke it by shooting himself in the head?  Well, if I buy the bridge may I please have a tunnel at half price?  Should we reopen that investigation, too?  Of course we should.  Again, there is no statute of limitations on murder.  How about Kathleen Wiley’s husband?  He died mysteriously after going to the media with hard complaints about President Clinton constantly grabbing his wife by the you know what.  Let’s reopen that investigation, too.

There are lots and lots of unanswered questions with lots and lots of arrows pointing to murder from the Clinton era, with the examples presented here but just a few of so many more like them, and with those highly suspicious deaths as only one aspect of corruption during that era, an era when if you were a highly attractive Intern it was automatically assumed you were at least giving oral sex to your boss.

Talk about culture of corruption.

Let’s demand a reopening of investigations into all of it then, let’s wade through that swamp with flashlights, and with handcuffs at the ready, if this is how the other side wants to roll against our president, and let’s reopen the Benghazi Investigation as well.  That sure seemed to go away in a hurry.  What back room deals may have been made in order for no one, no one at all, to be punished on that one?  Punished, for denying multiple requests for added security from a US Consulate (why in the hell did they do that?), for letting that Ambassador die that horrible death, and then for lying about it five ways to Sunday on those morning programs.

And how many times did AG Holder say “I don’t know”, under oath, before Congress?  It’s about all he said, with fully redacted documents to follow.  Either he was the least knowledgeable US Attorney General in all of history, or he was lying through his teeth.  Certainly, it’s the latter, notwithstanding the fact he was also not very knowledgeable, pretty much just some pseudo intellectual in an amateurish, third rate White House that let the world fall apart at the seams.

Attorney General Holder
Eric Holder
Photo Credit: The Federalist

We should call on President Trump, en mass, to reopen investigations.  We should no longer continue to nibble around the edges.  It is high time that a president who’s gotten more done in two years than other presidents have gotten done in two terms be treated with the respect he has earned, that he deserves.  It matters not his churlish ways and brashness, it matters not his rude and ill-mannered approach to these people.  It is them, those who’ve behaved for so long like jackals and hyenas, that are the problem, not a political outsider sitting president who refuses to be nicey-nice accordingly.  It is them, people who’ve kicked can after can down those roads, that are the problem, not a president who is picking those cans up and demanding action for the people.  It is them, people who’ve viciously and remorselessly attacked each other in the blood sport that is politics that are the problem, not the cocksure billionaire who came along who’s beating them at their own game.

We should call on President Trump, en mass, to reopen investigations.”

It is them, people who directly snub a sitting president by not inviting him to the internment of a US Senator lying in state in that rotunda that are the problem, not a president who raises the flag back up above our White House a little too soon for their comfort.  Indeed, it was nah, nah, nah nah nah, as the Washington crowd turned the internment of Senator John McCain into their own little insider event.  This, because Donald Trump questioned his hero status a few years ago?  Hmm.  When John McCain clinched in the Republican primary for the 2008 presidential election he got a pledge from both H Clinton and Barack Obama upon his query to go along with matching funds.  As soon as then Senator Obama won his primary contest he turned around and said suuucckkker, and went off to the races after huge donors, leaving McCain locked into the matching funds apparatus, gaining an enormous financial advantage.

McCain said into the cameras “this is a really big deal”, and it sure was, was the chief reason why Obama won, then never said another word about it.  Huh?  Barack Obama did him real dirty in that election, and the Bush family didn’t treat him much better in the 2000 primary.  Yet they wanna now talk as if they were all close as can be, hell, went camping and fishing together as kids, sure.  And when Senator McCain, as the deciding vote on something as all-important as repealing Obamacare, thrust his thumbs down hard, grinning ear to ear, that was only about giving it to Trump.  As someone who was once honored to sleep in John McCain’s boyhood bedroom, I can tell you I feel no honor it that now.  Something smells to high heaven.

President Trump probably did not belong at that interment anyway, anymore than he’d belong at a Democratic campaign fundraiser.  And if this is how the political insiders of our nation’s capital choose to behave, then lowering that flag to half staff for two days was being generous.  That John McCain, on his death bed, chose to reach out to a man who cheated him out of the White House in 2008, and a man who gave him a real hard,sharp elbow to the teeth in 2000, while President Trump gets disgustingly snubbed, is indicative of exactly what’s wrong with Washington.

That the Bush family act as if Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other Democrats are preferable over a Republican President who is so highly efficient and effective is, too.  Shame on them all.  This man will be a two term president, and then a former president without the restraints of high office, as a billionaire with a reputation for punishing bad actors who attack him.  Perhaps these people who relentlessly attack him ought to keep that in mind.

In the meantime, impeachment of President Donald Trump? 

Foolishness run amok.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


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