Tea Time – Republican Resurgence

*In early summer of 2010, coming off a DC Metro line at the US Capitol stop, I found myself walking among a dozen or so people, all of us on our way toward a Tea Party Event being held on the Capitol Lawn.  There was a palpable feel to our walk and talk, very nice, and within minutes we rounded a corner to the sight of tens of thousands of people, tens of thousands of American citizens peaceably assembling to address their grievances, like, say, out of control spending and runaway debt.  You know, “generational theft”, and all.

republican resurgence

A few of the guys yelled, loud, “YEAH!”, and couldn’t help but start running a little.  There were beaming smiles all around as we headed on down to join the massive gathering.  We looked forward, of course, to all the speeches, to the camaraderie, and to taking on a president who’d actually started his political career in the home of a terrorist who bombed US targets, including that Capitol Dome on our right.  “How on earth could any politician working in that building be perfectly okay with a president who was so friendly with a man who once bombed it?”, asked one of the men among us.

We slowly shook our heads. 

There is simply no sane answer to that question.

On the way to that great crowd, there she was, Nancy Pelosi, then, as now, Speaker of the House, standing on the Dome veranda with a few people around her.  She stood there, alternately looking down at the assembly, and holding her head and high and stiff, defiant of these ‘astro turf’ people, a disgusting figure.  I could swear I heard her say to some aide, scared to death of uttering one wrong word lest he suffer her wrath, “Ha!, I’ll get them all, and their little dogs too”.  In fact, I do believe that President Trump should now issue a fiat that someone “accidentally” spill a bucket of water on this woman.  Yeah.  And, while we’re at it, have a few people around with mirrors, religious symbols and garlic cloves just in case this bloodsucking Cortez thing should be there at the time.

Uh, yeah.  Anyway, I yelled up to Pelosi, at the top of my lungs, “You are an enemy of the people, go home!”.  One woman said to me, in a southern drawl, that I might wanna get my ass running now, too.  We all laughed pretty loud on that one, right there near that veranda, looking straight up at Pelosi, and I then, well, did run.  Must avoid those flying monkeys, yup.  Let’s go ahead and call them swamp monkeys.

That Nancy Pelosi, such a pseudo-intellectual, whose nasty reputation behind the scenes is one for the ages (just, shall we say, wicked), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who’s perhaps more diabolical than she, and who’s an obvious lunatic, are two of the most prominent faces of today’s Democratic Party, is just plain flabbergasting.

The more President Donald John Trump drains the swamp the angrier the swamp monkeys become.”
republican resurgence

The Democratic Party presidential field is made up of people who are barely, if at all, any better.  Good Democrats, such as men like Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico, Bill Bradley, former US Senator from New Jersey, and presidential hopeful twenty years ago, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the late US Senator from New York, Lloyd Bentsen, the late Texan Vice Presidential nominee in 1988 and Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, cannot be found, and their types have often been done real dirty by the ilk that can be found.

Governor Bill Richardson

There are a good many more examples of what used to be a viable and well-intentioned political party and, although they were ultimately plain damn wrong ideologically, as any good Republican will tell you (ha), they were sincere and worthy, and now their kind has been replaced by, well, flying swamp monkeys.  These people, these beauties, must be faced down and, inasmuch as at all possible, turned around, enlightened.  This brings us back to the Tea Party Movement of the 2010’s.

Right now, we need those same size crowds, with today’s mission statement being to defend our president against those who’ve partially taken over those hallowed chambers of our Capitol Dome.  Sixty thousand or more people will do, at each event.

republican resurgence

That President Trump will have real loud and incredibly large turnouts at his campaign stops in the relatively near future is separate and apart from the importance of that grass roots effort screaming at the flying swamp monkeys, in there, making loud and clear our demand that they stop attacking, harassing and besmirching our president in the name of nasty, filthy politics, that they cease and desist.

The more President Donald John Trump drains the swamp the angrier the swamp monkeys become, and it is us, not them, who have the power, so they are really not so scary.  We need to show this president that he is this appreciated, and not just that he has our votes, but that we have his back.  We need to reinvigorate that Tea Party Movement, which, at its height, was massive, a beautiful blend of grass roots and political and civic organization, well organized, well oiled, highly effective.

The question of what happened to it is answered by the fact that many of those who were the most fervent, people with leadership abilities, won their elections, and went inside.  We now need them to speak loudly from within, and we need some replacements in the trenches.

We must reassemble to address our grievances, perhaps now more than then, as the citizenry.  We must bring the Tea Party Movement to its former heights, and use that organic and civic machinery again.  Tens of thousands, say, every couple of months, will be a real show of force, of fortitude and support for our president, but the way to really tell the world how great President Trump is to have at least a few events with hundreds of thousands.

We can call it the “Million Fan March”, and we can easily get that many people.   At that event, I was actually on my way to CBS owned WGHQ studios, where I played recordings of that crowd onto the microphone of my news talk radio show there, to the great joy of many listeners (there were calls and emails of real appreciation), and at those events in general I met people from just about all fifty states.

We have the numbers, big time, and we have little choice but to get up and go again.  President Trump must win the day, and in so doing, we do, America does.

We truly need to mobilize, get back to that Capitol Lawn, get back to anyplace that makes sense to speak from, en mass.  We absolutely must unite, again, as the renewed Tea Party Movement, and go hard on the march.  Because if we do not, if we don’t rise up against those who constantly rip into our president with their lies, half truths, their rage and sheer hatred, these horrific people who want to take down this people’s president, a president who is very, very obviously in there for us, we risk the possibility of those flying swamp monkeys winning the day.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


republican resurgence republican resurgence republican resurgence

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