Russian Collusion

Russian Collusion

*For all of those people who insist on probing, forevermore, whether Donald Trump colluded with the dreaded Russians, the only real question is how hard it is for them to keep a straight face.  These are the same people, after all, who outright ignored the fact that President George Walker Bush deported 50 Russian spies within a month of taking office, meaning that our nation’s capital was crawling with Russians who were gathering information on our leaders during the Clinton era.  Spies, spies, all over the damn place, so readily recognizable that 50 of them could be pinpointed and run out of town on a rail in one short month, and yet not one of those who’re aggressively screaming about Donald Trump and Russian collusion said one lousy word about any of it.

Russian Collusion

Evidently, Russian spies are not a problem for them, only Russians that may have sat, could have sat, must have sat with someone, somewhere, from the Trump campaign, and the Clinton’s are great patriots who colluded not, ever, no, no, no.

So I guess that the answer to the question of how hard it is for these frigging people to keep a straight face, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the hardest, is ten.  Well, then there are those who are such professional liars, the Congressional and Senate Democrats, and their handmaidens in the media, that it’s only maybe a two or three, because lying comes that easily for them.

They don’t care about the truth one bit, these ones, only about convincing the people of their nasty little lies.  As for those who scream the words “the Russians” today, that do not know about the Russians then, in 2001, the spies out to hurt the US, they ought to.  But, then, they probably wouldn’t care in the least bit, anyway, they’d blindly go along with the Trump collusion narrative instead.  I say again, these frigging people.

Neither do they care about the Uranium One deal.  While there is an awful lot of confusion relating to that US uranium supply purchase, and the Russians, the pattern of corruption and, yes, collusion with foreign entities, during both the Clinton and Obama years, is clear cut, and both administrations are highly suspect.  When President Obama got caught on a ‘hot mic’ saying to Vladimir Putin’s right hand man “I’ll have more flexibility after the election”, none of the current day Trump accusers batted a lash.


Should we not know what a sitting American President meant by flexibility, unaware that he was being heard, when talking to such a high ranking dreaded Russian? 

Flexibility on what, exactly?

Shouldn’t anyone care?  Anyone?  And should we all now trust the same people who did not question that occurrence, at all, when they say that Donald Trump colluded with Russians in 2016?  Should we, as a nation, as a people, believe them, those who lie by omission, and outright, who deliberately distort, on a daily basis?  Why the hell would we?  We should no more trust the media, who’re absolutely the enemy of we the people, with their horrid abuse of First Amendment rights, than we should be pleased with President Barack Obama bowing low to Arab Kings.Russian Collusion

As to Uranium One, tens of millions of dollars did go to the Clinton Foundation, so if there was no malfeasance relating to a uranium deal, per se, there was certainly an obvious and highly troubling conflict of interest relating to a sitting US Secretary of State, was there not?

Oh, but we ought not worry about that one, because, as Hillary Clinton pointed out in one of her debates with the GOP nominee in the 2016 presidential election, the Clinton Foundation was by far the mostly highly effective charitable organization in human history, with a whopping 90% of its monies going to the intended beneficiaries.  Uh huh.  In reality, it is completely impossible for any organization to get that high a percentage of money to the people its cause serves, just plain impossible.  In all probability the percentages were more like what some reports indicated, the reverse, that a scant 10% went to the cause.

…it is the media, who engage in cover ups, that’s cover ups, for the Democratic Party, while viciously attacking Republicans with lies, half truths, trickery and manifest dissimulation, who’re the most dangerous forces of collusion of all.”

And given Hillary Clinton’s propensity to laugh at irony while engaged in criminal activities and pursuits, we can all be, say, 90% sure that she was lying her ass off, with impunity, when she said that, said that in a presidential debate.  No, let’s make that 100%, shall we?  We can also all wonder if she yelled out ‘and this one’s for little Richie Nixon’ just before that hammerhead smashed into one of her servers, what with destroying 30,000 emails dwarfing that :30 seconds of tape pertaining to Watergate, and all, and we can also wonder just how hard she and her two ghoulish little cohorts, with their own hammers, laughed, the whole time through. Smash, ha ha ha, the little people are so pathetic, smash, ha, ha, ha, we can do whatever we want to, smash, ha, ha, ha, we are immune because we are us, ye haw.

Russian Collusion

In the original Batman series (must mention the name Adam West here) there was an episode in which the Penguin, Riddler and Joker united, joined forces against Batman and Robin with their Oof!, Kapow! and Zlonk! crews.  “We’ll get him now” (penguin laugh noise here), “He won’t escape us this time” (Riddler whee hee whoos of laughter here), the Joker smiling ear to ear.  Of course, they did not ever get Batman.  The leading Democrats in Washington and media forces nationally are those villainous characters, whether it was some porno slut named Stormy Daniels on CNN for weeks on end, and her ambulance chasing maggot for a lawyer (sorry, he’s just too awful to not call names), that was going to do President Trump in, or trying to force Paul Manafort to lie to save his skin, or this Michael Cohen, who may have been a good tactical lawyer for the rich once, but is obviously mentally and morally as weak as a hot wet noodle, or a playboy playmate named McDougal, they always think they’ll get him this time.

And then, of course, Buzz Feed really had Mr. Trump in the bag with their report of coaching a witness before Congress.  To those at Buzz Feed, I say, ha, suuuucckkkerrs.  In the end, President Donald Trump is the superhero, and a brilliant one, and will continue with his good works.  And it is the media, who engage in cover ups, that’s cover ups, for the Democratic Party, while viciously attacking Republicans with lies, half truths, trickery and manifest dissimulation, who’re the most dangerous forces of collusion of all.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


Russian Collusion Russian Collusion Russian Collusion Russian Collusion Russian Collusion

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