A Throwback to Greatness

*It’s easy to see why and how Donald Trump is the most hated US President in decades, detested by Democrats and any left leaning party, some Republicans, world leaders and their adjuncts and scores of children who’re being roboticalized (read: brainwashed), and probably their pets, too.  Hell, odds are that there are liberal households whose dog actually does bark and/or growl at the mere sound of the man’s name.

The people who hate Trump see him as overbearing, pernicious, noxious, egocentric, boorish, flippant.  To them, he is glib, smug, deceitful, mendacious, and any other synonymous adjectives that can be thought of, is a man who lies at will and has a horrid track record of bankruptcies and ripping people off left and right.  Trump’s hate-filled critics foolishly see his flaws as his totality, as all he was, is or ever will be.  And to them he is, in short, evil.

It is also easy to see that Donald Trump is one of a kind, and is as needed right now as he is custom fit for the American Presidency.  It’s unmistakable that he’s as hard driving, with extraordinary talents and abilities, as we have seen since George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin and the others who led those thirteen colonies.  Those men were constantly at each other’s throats, to the point of the Burr-Hamilton duel which resulted in Alexander Hamilton’s death laying in that prominent NYC banker’s home (Bayard).  Bellowed insults at Constitutional Hall abounded among the founders, in each other’s faces constantly, and with fervent passion.  They, of course, gave us the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, did they, and their ilk included men whose last breaths on their deathbeds were each other’s names.

Donald Trump, whatever else he may be, is an obvious and clear-cut throwback to the founding fathers of the United States of America.

And many on the left would agree with that as they actually deem the founding fathers as no good, too, just a bunch of rich, old, white slave owners, ignorant and pompous asses that so many of those on the left are.  And for the record, the definition of nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a country.  Hmm.  Sound familiar?

And for the record, the definition of nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a country.
Hmm.  Sound familiar?”

And this guy Emmanuel Macron of France seems not to understand that nationalism and patriotism are as much a pair of cousins as America and France were during the American Revolution.  He ought to apologize to our president for his slight back on November 11, and to the world for his display of such dumb ass lack of understanding, and stupidity.

Donald Trump's Successes
Emmanuel Macron (left) and Donald Trump

Globalists can shove it.  Nationalists are where it’s at, political independence and sovereign states, with global common ground on a human level as important for us all, sure.  President Trump is spot on, as a nationalist, just as surely as George and the boys were when they told the Brits to take their British Royal Navy and go pound sand.

As to the lying, which is the single most vehemently hurled criticism of this president, it is not that all politicians lie, but that all people do, and from there it is the all important matter of degree to which, and impact of.  With President Trump it’s also a matter of lack of clarification, and disinterest in it, and a tactic of negotiation.  Surely, those with whom he is dealing, everybody and anybody who’s at all important, cannot possibly know when he is bluffing and when he is not.

The liberal left have their little list of lies that they automatically speak from on any subject, while pretty much all the rest of us are focused on the rock solid results coming out of the White House.  Trump supporters see campaign ads, fantastically patriotic speeches that’ll way surpass SRO, and the debates, coming right up, with President Trump as a powerful locomotive pulling an enormously long, American flag festooned and vitally important train.  Let’s make that five locomotives.

Meanwhile, when the liberal left’s precious Obama lied through his teeth, smiling ear to ear, they ate it up, laughed, and swore to it.  This leaves us with the jarring irony that their godawful display of sheer hypocrisy and affectations comprise the biggest lie of all.  Anyone who loved Obama, who lied as a matter of course, with lies that did real harm, and hates Trump because he is a “liar” is, well, a big, fat liar.  For those among the left who cannot see this, it’s time to snap the hell out of it.

For those who know full well what they are up to in their nasty intentions to hurt our president, it is wise to consider this: you are way outnumbered and will be drowned right out in November of 2020.  In the end, President Trump is loved by tens of millions and is as honest as high office allows for, is a masterful tactician, and sees straight through those who demand clarity as the lying fools that they are, anyway.  President Obama and his pathological liar for a vice president told lies to a degree and impact that hurt our country on many levels (so many examples of this, so many).  It’s damn creepy that millions of people love Obama, a man who clearly hates America, and hate Trump, who so clearly loves America.  How do they not see?

There’s no question that President Trump has been tremendously effective and successful, on many levels, just as there’s no question that what he’s doing  is desperately needed.  Domestically, we could write volumes of this president’s achievements, wins and results.  The Democratic Party’s silly little book of lies against President Trump pales in comparison to a 3.8% unemployment rate, the lowest level in 50 years, wages and salaries jumping by 3.1%, US Patent and Trademark Law reform (H.R. 6758), the Energy and Water, Legislative Branch, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriates Act, 2019 (H.R. 5895), about which OMB Director Mike Mulvaney said “It is evident that President Trump continues to keep his promises to prioritize our nation’s heroes while protecting hardworking American taxpayers”, and a long list of so much more of the same.  And how about the fact that MS13 gangs were raping, killing and robbing people all day long under Obama, and have been addressed head on, too.

Deportations and imprisonments of violent MS13 subhuman scum are indicative of President Trump’s efforts at fixing our illegal immigration problem, which he is tackling as head on as any one of the founders of this country would, too.

There’s no question that President Trump has been tremendously effective and successful, on many levels.”

Donald Trump's Successes

  1. On foreign policy, ISIS, allowed to flourish under President Obama, is no more.  Obama created ISIS, giving them strongholds in the region by pulling out of Iraq arbitrarily, which created a vacuum that was as sure to develop as Solyndra was to go bankrupt.  He lobbed drone strikes at them here and there, killing many civilians, while Trump flat out destroyed them.
  2. N Korea’s Kim Jung Un was launching powerful rockets at will, each one exponentially more powerful than the one that preceded it, during the Obama era, and is no more.  Trump sat that pudgy little bastard down and gave him two choices, N Korea destroyed, or N Korea with condos on beachfront property.
  3. The poppy fields of Afghanistan helped fuel an opioid crises that slammed into the US full force under Obama.  Those poppy fields have been decimated by President Trump, too, and are no more.  Here again, this is a leadership style reminiscent of those who gave birth to mankind’s last best hope.  President Trump is substance over style if ever there was.
  4. The mullahs of Iran oppress the Iranian people, as they fuel a terrorist network that kills innocents all over the world.  They are what we might call, uh, evil.  Barack Obama slipped crated millions to them, in an unmarked cargo plane, in the dead of night, as a down payment on monies supposedly owed Iran.  He thereby fattened the resources of the oppressors, and had ignored the plight of the oppressed when they rose up in the summer of 2009.
  5. And when there was an uprising in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, that same president, Obama, saidHosni Mubarak has got to go“.  So, the state sponsor of a global terrorist network gets a free pass, while Egypt, which was keeping the peace with Israel, and was a stabilizing force for the greater middle east, gets Obama’s Mohammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose credo is “Jihad is our way”.

This is a highly suspicious pattern

And the notion that those billions of dollars were given to Iran to slam the brakes on their nuclear program, and were monies owed that country since 1979 anyway, is one no one of sound mind should actually believe in (monies owed my ass).  But let’s just say (cough, cough) that that was the case.  In the end, President Obama used billions of US taxpayer dollars to help fund global terrorism, whatever his intentions, no two ways about that, and only an ignorant moron could believe that Iran actually had or has peaceful intentions.

Let’s remember, too, that Barack Obama deeply admired a man who screamed for God to damn America at September 11, 2001, that innocent American civilian’s body parts were being found in the rubble of the WTC while Barack Obama’s mentor spewed hate at America. Barack Obama started his political career in the Living Room of a man who bombed US targets, Bill Ayers.

Barack Obama flew in private jet rides with Louis Farrakhan, a man who hates our country almost as much as he hates Jews and who, in all likelihood, shot Malcolm X dead (perhaps another investigation for President Trump to reopen, yup).  That anyone would adore “like and uncle” Jeremiah Wright, and pal around with the likes of Ayers and Farrakhan, raises extremely serious questions; those men are very clearly up to no good at all.  So Barack Obama is either woefully naive and stupid, or is, himself, complicit in evil.  To those who call a great American like Donald Trump evil, here’s a question: does anyone, anywhere, believe that Barack Obama is naive or stupid?

Obama One was a jet that then candidate Barack Obama used in the 2008 presidential election cycle.  He then used Air Force One to fly straight over ground zero in downtown Manhattan early in his presidency, low enough that it’d have hit the towers.  He quipped, smiling ear to ear, that one of his daughter’s had insisted he do that.  Well, Obama One was as egocentric as it gets (one of countless examples), and flying the people’s jet that low over that site was as despicable as it gets.


Now, where do we draw the line between considering someone to be ego-maniacal and being exuberantly confident?
The answer to that question is the 44th US President, Barack Hussein Obama, and the 45th US President, Donald John Trump.

So the other biggest criticism of President Trump, that he’s terribly egotistical, is likewise ridiculously hypocritical.  No, President Donald Trump is not the ego maniacal liar, Obama was and is, and, no, Trump is not evil, the man who used billions of dollars of our money to help fund global terrorism, and surrounded himself with nasty and violent members of the hate America crowd his whole adult life, was and is.

President George Walker Bush quipped that “Donald Trump doesn’t know what it is to be president”.  If he’s the man he presents himself to be, a good man and patriot, he must now say that Barack Obama doesn’t know what it is to be a former one.  After all, he’s out here slamming a sitting American President on a regular basis, something no former US President has ever done.  It’s contemptible. And when asked what his biggest lesson was from his father having been president he answered “to spend political capital”.

He did just that as 43rd US President, wisely and effectively, but what he failed to do was to protect it.  He allowed media forces to lie about him all day, everyday, without a wisp of a fight.  That gave them the ability to tear him down, drastically reducing his poll numbers, and deeply hurting the Republican Party label in the bargain.

The Bush family is now being looked at askance by many millions of people as potentially part of something quite bad.  If George Walker Bush is not himself evil, and I do not believe for a minute that he is, it’s time for him to start defending the current Republican American President, loudly.

Come out hard and publicly admire this president for the amazing work and strides he’s done and made for all of us.  Come out and publicly denounce the disgraceful antics of your successor.  Come out and tell us all that you know what President Trump is up against, and up to.  Come out and help calm a nation.  Come out and ask for the kinder and gentler nation your father plead for.  You, President George Walker Bush, can help tremendously, by speaking as loudly and clearly as you did in the immediate aftermath of 9/11/01.

Defend President Trump, defend him, because you personally know better than anyone that what he’s doing is what needs doing, and so must your father.  You, President Bush, must come out and tell the world, and if you do not you are undeserving of any grand legacy you envision in the decades ahead.  You, President Bush, must come out and speak forcefully at this moment in American and world history, stand up for our country, stand up for our president.  George Walker Bush, former American President, do it now.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold

Donald Trump’s Successes Donald Trump’s Successes Donald Trump’s Successes Donald Trump’s Successes Donald Trump’s Successes Donald Trump’s Successes 

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