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*That today’s Democratic Party has the political gall to viciously fight over a few billion dollars that’re earmarked for strengthening and securing US borders, after having given rubber stamp approval to hand over tens and tens of billions of USD to the world’s number one state sponsor of murderous, destructive, terrorist acts, is ghastly.

It should deeply upset and alarm any sensible person of any political belief set that Iran, Iran, was held on high under Obama, with aid given to them, terrorists and oppressors hellbent on bloodshed, as the US House of Congress sat complicit with and ignorant of the wrongfulness, implications and consequences of such aid to such people (the “Iran Deal” was very obviously a treacherous, and potentially traitorous, sham).

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It should also grieve any sensible person that leading Democrats wish only to play out-and-out, highly disruptive politics on the all important issue of the safety of the American citizenry.  Hell, if just one American woman is brutally raped by someone who illegally entered our country then it’s a public safety issue.  Evidently, the Democrats just don’t care, as they hide behind the frivolous notion that tightening border security is somehow not in alignment with American values.  They are all full of spit (please switch out the p for an h if desired).

That these same DC insiders and any of their new cohorts now have designs on hobbling a sitting US President, any way that they can, with only intent to harm him with insidious political onslaught, leaves those of the Washington, DC, establishment far below the mantle of the US Senate and House, the halls of power therein, those two sacred chambers, and any Republican, say, junior Senator, who cannot or will not see such an obvious thing should just shut up and stay the hell out of the way.  The president whom they seek to destroy stopped what amounted to US support for global terrorism dead in its tracks, has presided over solid US economic growth and health, has decimated the poppy fields of Afghanistan, spearheading the easing of a grave opioid crises, and stopped Kim Jung Un of North Korea dead in his tracks, too.
To think, these are only a few examples of this president’s accomplishments, but a few, of many, many such feats.  The amount of work that this president has accomplished since his inauguration is nothing short of breathtaking.  This president, who godawful people seek only to ruin, is as effective a leader as we have ever seen in the Oval Office, and that’s as clear as day on a long, hot summer day, with no humidity.

This president, who godawful people seek only to ruin, is as effective a leader as we have ever seen in the Oval Office.

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 And, just to be clear, President George Walker Bush’s “evil axis”, Iraq, Iran and North Korea, has been dealt with head on, in two short years, and we are winning.  That former president (43) ought to publicly laud the fact that the current president is slapping two prongs of his loudly announced axis right down, with no apologies, and none needed.  Putting tens of thousands of US troops with their boots on the ground in Iraq, where all that blood and treasure have already been spent, and which Trump’s horrific predecessor, Obama, gave away in an instant, might just be the next best step.  Go back to the original footprint in that region, chase Iran right the hell out of there, and engage US Mid-East foreign policy from there.  In other words, take Iraq back, smack Putin and Assad around from there if need be in Syria, as he has already made abundantly clear he can and will do (no pretty pink lines for him).


President Trump can also lift his hand whenever he chooses in Afghanistan, a country that has the “international community” camped out in it for years, so let them go and do some heavier lifting there, for crying out loud.  And then there’s his steadfast, hand in hand work with Israel, Israel, with all her might.  So all naysayers about our president’s work in the Middle East can go ahead and pipe the hell down already, his approach is clearly viable, and shame on General Mattis for his inability to comprehend such a basic read.  He was correct in his assessment of President Obama, and needs to now fully understand the tremendous importance of the huge contrast to President Trump, and the efficacy we now see, as he enters retirement.


This is preferable over taking dumb ass pot shots at the Commander in Chief as you leave your Cabinet post, there, General, don’t ya think?
Venomous obstructionists will not win the day in Congress.  Fighters fight, leaders lead, and President Trump is both, spectacularly so.  Republican politicians can now really only stand behind their party’s president, strong and loud.  There’s simply no other alternative worth considering, as Democrats diabolically seek to weaponize Chairmanships of powerful committees against the President of the United States of America for no other reason but that they don’t like him – they are sickening.  As Donald Trump gears up for his presidential reelection bid there are no nasty political maneuvers, no media lies, no college or university screeches, no component of the vast left wing conspiracy that’s so obviously afoot against him, that will defeat him.


President Donald John Trump is the people’s president through and through, and the people are well enough aware, in great enough numbers, to jubilantly give him his second term.  The only real question at this juncture is if the Democrats can somehow deny him the mandate. They will likely fail at that as well, given that they have no one worth a damn for a nominee, and given that this president is the astonishing success that his campaign ads, speeches and presidential debates will readily reveal.


It’ll be hilarious and highly entertaining on many levels to watch President Trump roundly beat them at their own game again in November, 2020.  Any Republican worth his or her salt as such will be basking with him in that glow of thunderous victory.  And any decent, honest, reasonable and moderate Democrats, any Libertarians, and any Independents are all, of course, welcome, too.

Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans, Jewish Americans, Arab Americans, you name it, can all unite behind such a strong and effective leader.  Today’s Democratic Party politicians would try their best to work with, not against him, if they cared a whit about this country, and about the American people.


To all US Representatives in Congress, and to all Senators in the US Senate, of both parties, and the occasional Independent in there, we are on to the whole damn thing.  This president is not at all beholden to K Street, and is not at all apologetic to any of those of you who choose self aggrandizement, self enrichment and petty politics over doing the work of the people.  We are the people, and we are strong.  We are also delighted to the tune of tens and tens of millions with a political outsider who’s stripping the bark off your tree.  Stand behind him, we most certainly do, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.  In the end, the wickedness with which you attack our president is the essence of the reason why we elected him in the first place.


The DC political establishment is no better than the pigs of George Orwell’s Animal farm, and for all of his embellishments, for all of his exaggerations, for all of his bluster, President Trump ultimately tells us the honest truth.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


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