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*Given the clamoring among political insiders about aspects of the Mueller Report that they see as problematic for President Trump, and the effects that can have on the American voting public, it would behoove us all to get straight to the bottom of what this probe’s findings really mean to our nation.  It’s not so terribly hard to do.  A quintessential example of how wrong any calls for impeachment, or further investigation of our 45th US President, are, is a Washington Post oped piece written by a top presidential aid’s spouse.

If George T Conway III thinks he can get away with such a lambasting of this president, on this issue, seen in the second highest circulated US newspaper, without it being properly dissected, he’s got another thing coming.  It would seem that Kellyanne Conway should now consider having a nice chat with Mary Matelin.  Let’s be clear here that there’s a world of difference between partners of a politically bipolar marriage each having their say, and utterances of incoherent ramblings against a sitting president who employs the other half.

This guy’s piece was a hit job, a shabby one at that, and our hearts should go out to his wife.  Here’re some excerpts of that hit job, that oped, and a dose of reality showing how asinine it was for him to present it.

There is a cancer in the presidency
Washington Post
19 April 2019 page A15
By George T. Conway III

So it turns out that, indeed, President Trump was not exonerated at all, and certainly not “totally” or “completely,” as he claimed. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III didn’t reach a conclusion about whether Trump committed crimes of obstruction of justice…

President Donald John Trump was totally and completely exonerated of Russian Collusion, which is what the investigation, whether or not it was a hoax by design to bring down a duly elected president, which is probable, was all about.  From there, the Special Investigator’s job is to turn any other evidence over, be it potentially exculpatory, or be it inculpatory, to the US Attorney General.  I’m no legal expert, but it seems to me that we all know this, that that’s settled law;  no Russian collusion, the cause for the special investigation, then to the AG to consider from there.

If the AG says we have issues here, which William Barr did not, then the investigation is taken over by his office.  The highly reputable William Pelham Barr drew his conclusions, eschewed the tomfoolery required to move forward with further investigation, and called it a day.  Given that this 85th US Attorney General, who’s honorably served as such for two other US Presidents, is not some political hack, like, say, Holder, or Lynch, and given that those two people are examples from the Obama era who surely should and may well be investigated themselves, as but two, it makes sense that we  all do the same.

Call it a day, and know that this political witch hunt on, or investigation of, Donald Trump, is over.

george conway op-ed

As to the 116th Congress,  it’s loaded with bad actors who’re very clearly only out for President Trump’s blood, is fraught with tricksters and fraudsters like Nadler and Pelosi, and with AOC shills.  With the make up of that infusion of thirty nine Freshmen Democrats last year, there appears to be a hard clash between the return of Blue Dog Democrats to the House of Representatives, and a socialist minded insurgency of far, far left, and then there’s the old guard who’re seemingly too confused to know what in the hell to do.

Congressional Democrats are so clearly in such a mess that we should think they’d wanna focus like a laser beam on party cohesion, and doing the work of the people for whom they took oaths to serve. That’s precisely what they’d be well advised to now do, finally, with a head-on effort against bold faced antisemitism among their ranks perhaps one item at the top of the order.  And it’d be nice if they’d get real, and serious, about legislation pertaining to the obvious crises of godawful spikes in rape, armed robbery and murder rates occurring at the hands of criminals who waltz right on through open borders – they’d do well as a party to understand that hurling insults and lies at the president on this issue gets them nowhere, other than with the very fringes of the Democratic Party base.

These Congressional Democrats need to move on with a full focus on the business of enacting laws, for this land of laws, with American’s safety paramount.

george conway op-ed

On the Senate side we see vacant eyed and highly questionable people like Adam Schiff (come on), Chuck Schumer, Corey Booker, Diane Feinstein, et al, the likes of whom threw some dirty little thing in her high school years, Ford, of football team fame, against one of the finest jurists this country has ever produced, and a godly man, at that, in Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a move that  was contemptuous of the US Supreme Court nomination process, and transparently so.  Without a shred of corroborating evidence, and with clear cut inconsistencies, they set out to destroy a fine man who was eminently qualified for smooth sailing into our Judicial branch of government.  Horrifying, actually, and they let out an evil hiss there, the Senate Democrats, right up until they had to lay that golden fiddle down at Johnnie’s feet. Too many of them, as in even one, are letting out an evil hiss here, too, with scads of Trump hating Democrats in both chambers of Congress being anything but honorable.

george conway op-ed
George Conway.
Image Credit: AlterNet

George Conway did try his hand, by the way, at some legal weighing in on the Christine Ford case, with a flurry of tweets, which at least opposed the demand for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s head on a stick.  This man should realize that demanding the 45th US President’s head on a stick is so legally complicated as to make the nomination process of now US Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh look like a game of Go Fish.  And he seriously and laughably had his hands full with the nut jobs who were out for that man’s blood.  It was woefully obvious, and Conway could barely wade through it.  Yet, he thinks he writes authoritatively here?  Sadly, it appears that if George T. Conway III were to jump off of a bridge, into a babbling brook, that it would have more depth than he does.  This man has more missing pieces than a jigsaw puzzle at a yard sale from a house with five unruly kids.


Without a shred of corroborating evidence, and with clear cut inconsistencies, they set out to destroy a fine man…”

george conway op-ed

– in part because, while a sitting president, Trump can’t be prosecuted under long-standing Justice Department directives, and in part because of “difficult issues” raised by “the President’s actions and intent.” Those difficult issues involve, among other things, the potentially tricky interplay between the criminal obstruction laws and the president’s constitutional authority, and the difficulty in proving criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt.

But there’s the rub, right there, that his first assertion ignores.  Why on earth would a US Attorney General, once the Special Investigator concluded on the pathetic notion of Russian Collusion, go down this road?  There is far too much ambiguity to determine “actions and intent”, and all anyone needs to do is read the damn report to see that.  Constitutional authority is what far sharper legal minds than his would bear out, and Barr knows it, and there were no criminal obstruction laws that could possibly be proven violated beyond that reasonable doubt.  Potentially tricky interplay my ass.  This is all more about a political outsider making a few minor missteps, at most, on matters of political intricacies.

Donald Trump has long stepped straight up to the line, and stomped right on it, without crossing it.  As a churlish and horridly brash billionaire, with a real big mouth, he’d have long since been taken down by his enemies if he’d crossed legal lines, the bastard that he was in Real Estate development.  His hundreds of lawyers have always protected him, but they’d have had a losing case if he’d ever actually brazenly violated law.  He did not, as one of the top Real Estate moguls this world has ever seen, and he did not, as a newly minted US President.

This man, Conway, ought to read The Fox and the Grapes in order to fully understand who he’s in league with here.  Pelosi’s quip of “he’s just not worth it” comes to mind.  Rather than to accept defeat, and just do their work, leading Democrats squawk, and ostensibly demure when it’s politically convenient, as they stand confused.  And what is sour here is the taste in the mouths of tens of millions of Trump supporters witnessing sore losers acting like impetuous children, people who’re supposed to be civil servants for us all, the citizenry.

They suck, and Conway’s legal assertions don’t add up, no.  That’s clear as day, even to any layman.

Still, the special counsel’s report is damning. Mueller couldn’t say, with any “confidence,” that the president of the United States is not a criminal. He said, stunningly, that “if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.” Mueller did not so state. That’s especially damning because the ultimate issue shouldn’t be — and isn’t — whether the president committed a criminal act. As I wrote not long ago, Americans should expect far more than merely that their president not be provably a criminal.

Damning, he says.  No, just at a loss.  And this was a legal investigation, so it’s a question of legality first and foremost, including to the people.  So, then, the Mueller team lacked confidence on obstruction of justice issues, and so did not state, and here, again, that would then be up to the AG to do so. He did not, and no AG of genuine repute would’ve. How could it be damning that they did not state?  Where does Conway get off?  Mueller could not state, and the AG took a pass for obvious reasons.  What the hell?

george conway op-ed
Robert Mueller

Insofar as expectations of Americans, proving criminality would have to be important, though we can sharply consider moral character in the process.  We need only consider a slick Chicago politician, and an Arkansas politician of dubiously weak character, who both sat in high office, to truly be aghast when it comes to impropriety in our White House, or anyone not being “provably criminal”.  So pipe down there, bub.  I urge Mr. Conway to look up the word hypocrisy, and internalize it, rather than to surreptitiously lash out at a US President who’s as hard driving as we’ve ever seen to get the work of the people done, day in and day out, with great efficacy and results. Sanctimonious New York City lawyers with Swiss Cheese assertions are of no help.

Given that any other parts of this man’s oped are the same tripe as what has been exposed thus far, it makes sense to just wrap it up with an examination of his final paragraph.

White House counsel John Dean famously told Nixon that there was a cancer within the presidency and that it was growing. What the Mueller report disturbingly shows, with crystal clarity, is that today there is a cancer in the presidency: President Donald J. Trump. Congress now bears the solemn constitutional duty to excise that cancer without delay.

Watergate, after eight years of Clinton and then eight years of Obama, is akin to jaywalking…”

george conway op-ed
Image Credit: FOX

For starters, Watergate, after eight years of Clinton and then eight years of Obama, is akin to jaywalking, just so we’re clear.  Nixon looks downright tame when compared to what H Clinton and her two wild eyed co-conspirators did with those hammers, smashing 30,000 emails on servers to pieces, which dwarfs the 30 seconds of tape that tricky Dick erased.  Hell, President Richard Nixon was like a choirboy compared to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama out of Chicago, and, so too, is President Donald Trump today.  And how can someone use the words “with crystal clarity” about something this complex? The answer is that one cannot, and the syntax of crystal clear mixed in with a metaphor about cancer is juvenile at best.  With crystal clarity, huh?  Yeah, right, sure.  The reality is that President Trump ought to now go harder with launching investigations of his own, and relaunch investigations, to get to the bottom of what really happened in the Clinton and Obama years. This is preferable to waiting for death bed confessions from those in the know who worked in those two White House Administrations.  The main challenge in doing this is to figure out which godawful scandals, that the media covered up for, are first priorities.

There are so damn many issues that we can all agree upon in this country.  We need to focus on those, and without delay.  It’ll be satisfying and gratifying for us to get back to brass tacks.  Impeachment talk, or anything like it, is just dirty, unproductive and unimaginative politics, and we must all come to know way better than to fall for any of it.  And the cancer to speak of is that of entrenched, enriched and entitled DC politicians who care little for the people they were elected to serve.

We, the people, will not join in with the dreadful chorus that demands our presidents’ blood, or his head on a stick, because we, the people, of this superpower of the world, are and must be better than that.  So should leading Democrats, Hollywood elites, academic power players, media outlets, and those who seek their approval and a pat on the head, be.


~ Rob Arnold ~Rob Arnold


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